Top 3 steps to be the perfect fit for the job

We live in a world where we just can’t afford to make mistakes, especially when it comes to job hunting. Recruiters watch your every move like a hawk. This is why you have to be on your toes all the time because you are constantly walking on thin ice where your career is concerned.

While having an impressive resume is the first step towards your goal, it is only after you have secured the position the real test begins. 

One wrong move, and down the rabbit hole of unemployment you go.

This is why you need to demonstrate the perfection of a god because that’s what it will take to be the perfect fit for the job of your dreams in today’s highly competitive job market.

Listed below are the top 3 ways to transform yourself into the perfect fit for the job:

1.Know your industry like the back of your hand:

Who are you if you know next to nothing about your functional industry?

You risk the chance of being ridiculed if you aren’t familiar with the fundamentals of your own industry. 

Gone are the days of getting shortlisted based on your education degree alone. Knowing your functional industry communicates to the recruiter that you are genuinely interested in your chosen line of work. It shows passion and determination and THAT is insanely attractive to a recruiter.

You cannot stand out if all you have is a degree to your name. If you don’t stand out, you cannot become the “perfect fit” for the job of your dreams.

So, our advice to you is this: read more about your industry. Research. Talk to senior professionals and industry leaders to gain an understanding of market trends. Read magazines and journals relevant to your industry to gain insights on how you can employ your knowledge. 

Mastering your chosen industry is an ever-going process. There isn’t a destination in this journey. But just because there isn’t, doesn’t mean you don’t start. 


If you are an engineer in the 21st century but can’t leverage data, you have dug yourself the deathbed of redundancy. With the growing prominence and infiltration of data science into the IT industry, it is vital that you catch up to the trends of the time. If you need to learn Python, start a course and learn it. If you need to learn data science or machine learning, do that. The resources at your disposal are limitless – all you need is discipline. 

Let’s assume you are a writer. Do you think there isn’t enough to learn just because you know how to weave sentences? It’s the need of the hour that you know the basics of writing. You can’t thrive as a writer if all you can do is write nice articles. Anyone can do that, which is to say it isn’t enough.

You need to optimize your skills as a writer and pick up new skills. You need to be proficient in SEO and keyword research. You should have a functional knowledge of operating tools like Ahrefs and WordPress. You should know how to create engaging content that will sell. 

Point is, you need to upskill according to the needs of your functional industry.

If you don’t upskill, you stand a high risk of getting replaced by professionals who are more skilled than you, so don’t make the mistake of sticking to the comfort of your existing skills.

Hone them, become better, and brag about your skills to the recruiter!

This is the second way of transforming into the “perfect fit” for the job.

3.Show the recruiter that you are the “right fit”

 You need to think outside the box and be quick on your fit to prove that you are the “perfect fit” for the job in question. You need to figure out what the organization’s definition of a “perfect fit” is, and become that person when you are dueling with the recruiter.

For instance, here is an example:

The “perfect fit” will be someone who shares the organization’s vision. He/she will be someone who would willingly immerse themselves in the company culture and do what it takes to see a given project to success.

The “perfect fit” is not simply someone who has the right skills alone. It goes beyond that. The “perfect fit” is someone who has the right attitude towards work, is enthusiastic about the organization’s success and is passionate about what they do. He/she is someone who constantly tries to help in the growth of the company.

The perfect fit is someone who feels inspired to wake up each morning and go to work.

These are the hallmarks of a “perfect fit”. Do some research around the company you’re targeting pertaining to their core values, their first principles, and what drives them as an organization. If you’re able to fully comprehend and convey the same to the recruiter, you’ll be considered a cultural fit in the organization even before you begin. 

That’s what interviews are mostly about. Your technical acumen is gauged beforehand – there’s no point in calling you for an interview if your technical proficiency is in question. The interview is where they try to understand if you’ll be a cultural fit in the organization.   

To become the “perfect fit” for your dream job, you need to think along these lines, and communicate these key attributes to the recruiter when you meet them one-to-one.


Follow the three steps that we have mentioned above to see yourself transform into the perfect fit for the job of your dreams or to get better at improving yourself for your target job. Both ways, whether you land your dream job or not, the points that we have mentioned above will definitely go a long way in helping you gradually evolve into the “perfect fit”.