8 Powerful Reasons to Integrate Video Content in Your Marketing Strategy

For the last few years, business analysts have labeled video as the future of marketing. If this is so, then the future is here because video content now reigns in digital marketing. A recent study among marketers shows 83% of participants believe video marketing will become even more important in coming years. A similar 2018 report says 85% of all internet users watch video content every month. As a business owner, these numbers should excite you as they present video as one of the most potent digital marketing tools.

If you have been looking for a new strategy to rejuvenate your marketing campaigns, below are some reasons to integrate video content in your marketing mix.

Increased Brand Visibility

Over half of the global population is now online according to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). Most of these people are after interesting content whether they are shopping or socializing. Video is among the most popular types of content online and it is easily shareable.

According to CISCO, 82% of all online content will be visual by 2022. If your company produces the best quality visual content, it is only a matter of time before people across multiple channels start mentioning you.

Increasing Conversion and Sales

Adding video into your marketing content works magic 64% of consumers make a purchase after viewing branded videos online.  Integrating a video on a landing page boosts conversion by up to 80%. Internet users love video to help them compare products and learn how to use them. Using this type of content can thus increase conversions and also boost sales.

Versatile Marketing Tool

Video content is highly adaptable and this makes it one of the best tools for business marketing. You can choose from a wide variety of video formats including explainers, vlogs, tutorials, webinars, adverts, presentations, customer testimonials, reviews, live video among other formats to pass your message.

You can use different video content for different purposes. Whether you want to educate, launch a product, manage your brand’s reputation, increase your brand’s visibility on search, search engine optimization (SEO), video will work perfectly.

Broader Online Reach

Picture this; marketer A takes out a print advert in a local newspaper while a marketer B launches a video containing local content on several online channels. In the old days, the print advert would have worked great as many people relied on newspapers.

Today, most people are fully engrossed online and they want content that communicates fast. While written content is still important, video has surpassed it as the core of digital marketing. If you want to reach a wider audience, you can post your video across channels such as social media, your website, blogs, YouTube among other places.

Leave a Greater Impression

Marketing in the digital age is tough as there’s so much clutter around the target customer. When producing any type of marketing content, you have to consider there are a myriad of other things competing for the customer’s attention. Your content should thus make an instant impression and this is where video content comes into play.

Humans are visual creatures as the human brain can process visual data faster than text.  When you produce impactful videos as part of your marketing campaign, you will have a bigger impact on the audience than when using text. Visual content creates a more powerful emotional connection and it is thus easier to sell your products or services.

Greater Engagement

Video content elicits more engagement from the target audience than text. This is a dream for any marketer as such engagement is the first step in lead generation.

If you can generate engagement from your target audiences, it becomes easier to learn what they want, sell your products, get feedback on your products and so much more. Video is also easy to share and this means greater engagement for your brand.

Google Loves Video

Videos tend to rank higher on search engines and they are thus essential for your SEO campaign. Google loves video and they also own YouTube which is the largest video sharing platform.  If you have video embedded on your website content, blogs or social media posts, your content is more likely to rank high on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Internet users search for “how to videos” and other forms of visual content to get the best answers. By leveraging video, you can now boost your ranking on SERPs.

Impressive ROI

When choosing any marketing technique, it is advisable to look at the return on investment. Producing and distributing video content is now affordable and easy with so many high quality video devices available.

You will also find many video editing tools online allowing startups and small businesses with limited budgets to leverage this marketing technique. Video content boasts a higher ROI than other inbound marketing techniques.

Final Thoughts

If you run any type of business today, it is important to adopt the latest marketing techniques. Video marketing has emerged as the dominant trend in digital marketing and you have to hitch your campaigns to this bandwagon.  Video can help you increase your market reach through better ranking on SERPs, increased brand visibility, greater engagement among other things.