Why Now Is the Right Time to Start with Quantum Computing?

Quantum Computing is all set to transform every domain telecommunication to cybersecurity to cutting edge manufacturing, finance, medicine, and beyond. But not many know how quantum computing actually works. 

According to a report published by Google in October 2019, a quantum computer can perform some certain calculations that would even stifle the world’s fastest supercomputers. This has brought in the picture more questions to ask than to answer. Before we consider the major question that it has brought to the surface, let’s first discuss what are  Quantum Computers.

What Is Quantum Computing?

Quantum computers are devices that can muster around 50 qubits. They ensure to perform various actions on complex and massive datasets much efficiently as compared to traditional computers. The devices use a very complicated problem-solving algorithm that speeds up data processing. These processing computations assimilate evidently the unlimited number of variables, and the potential applications expand over various industries from genomics to fund.

*A qubit (quantum bit) is the basic piece of information in quantum computing similar to a bit in traditional computers. 

Quantum computers are revolutionizing the various aspects of cybersecurity with their capacity to break codes and encrypt electronic communications. The leading names of the tech industry like Google, Microsoft, Intel, IBM, and Alibaba are making the most of quantum computing for advanced cybersecurity and to reach to be a part of the higher computing race which is on its way. 

Well, one size doesn’t fit all! Is it the right time to start with quantum computing now?

Now Is the Right Time to Start with Quantum Computing  

The Present of the Computing Field

Technology isn’t a new field of study. It has recently been in the limelight and a lot of organizations find the technology quite new. But the fact is, it has been in existence since the 1980s. 

In the last few decades, technology has come a long way. For instance, you can use your Python skills to program a real quantum computer and get some results. Surely, the results won’t be very accurate, but they would be accurate enough because of the current hardware faults, but the simple process of getting an output takes the field from theory to practice. 

This is the inspiration behind commencing programming and running codes on actual quantum hardware. 

The Python service providers share the fact that in 2017 IBM released the Python library Qiskit (Quantum Information Science Kit). The library lets you work on Python code that can be used on one of IBM’s systems on the cloud. Thus, you can use several quantum algorithms like Shor and Grover, for real-life applications and further test them on the simulator by Qiskit. Along with programming language add-ons, a lot of efforts have been made to develop quantum circuit simulators that would let you build actual circuits without the need for writing codes. 

The Large Community to Support 

With the development of programming language libraries and circuit simulators, the process of expanding the field has seen a green signal. Add to this, these developments have further encouraged the curiosity of many school going kids and undergraduates to work, research, and expand technology and expand their knowledge bubble. 

There are various groups and teams on various platforms like Discord, Facebook, or Slack to stay connected and share their ideas and knowledge of the field. 

These communities aren’t restricted to students but include professionals too. Here’s a simple example. 

Qiskit has its own Slack workspace that includes people from the development team, professors, and researchers in the field, to curious people from all ages and backgrounds. This Slack workspace is very active and supportive of beginners.

Other than Slack, there are various Facebook groups that encourage their members to share their research papers in the field and conduct regular webinars from around the world. Most authors of the papers shared are quite welcoming to the questions and help others understand the technology well. They often appreciate the questions and share their excitement of being of help. 

The Available Resources 

Technology is something that is attracting people from all walks of life. As a result of this popularity, a lot of things are developed and worked on to deliver complex concepts in an easy to grasp format. Since the field is in the spotlight, there is a lot of research that is being done, and resources being shared over the internet to make it a day to day concept like cloud computing. The Python library Qiskit even has its own YouTube channel that contains videos for how to use the library and concepts of quantum computing. 

The way every organization and Elearning platform developers are rushing to understand and adopt the technology, it is not wrong to say that this is the calm before the storm. 

Quantum computing would take on the business arena in several months while we sit and predict the future. 

The Near Future Demand

Quantum computing is a rapidly growing field and various big names in the tech industry are competing to build the perfect hardware, find better applications of the existing algorithms, and develop advanced algorithms. With so much going on, the near-future demand for technology would see a great rise. The need for quantum computing dedicated development teams and researchers would rise exponentially in the coming days. 

Most governmental organizations and businesses around the world have already set aside a part of their budget to support the development of quantum technology.  The investment in the quantum computing field is expected to rise to $6.25 billion by the end of the year 2025. 

The amount for the investment itself narrates the increase in the number of academia, government, and industry positions. The top technology companies are changing their business model to make space for this newbie. 

Thus, if you want your business to stand the test of time and stay ahead in the domain then, quantum technology is something you need to study and adopt in the years to come. 

The Final Words!

Quantum computing is witnessing its golden age now. This is not the beginning and it has not seen the light of the day. Yet, the world is struggling for it. It is now taking the great leap from theory to practice. If your business is something that is centered around technology or driven by it, it is high time you realize to start with quantum computing now.