Benefits of Using a Men’s Transport Pant and How to Purchase With Promo Code

Find durable uniform pants made to fit the way you work. Explore hundreds of options in a range of fabrics. Comfortable and light, this men’s softshell pant takes outdoor adventures from early spring to late fall. It’s made in circular performance fabric and is completely free from PFAS. The open grid design promotes optimal air ventilation and moisture transport. These men’s pants are light and stretchy, ideal for high-pulse activities and outdoor adventures from early spring to late fall. These men’s shell layers balance weather protection and comfortable movement.

Moisture Management

Moisture management is an essential benefit of the Men’s Transport Pants. The pants deliver earth-conscious moisture management, essential for keeping you dry and comfortable during various activities. To purchase the men’s transport pants with a promo code, for instance, the Hoka One One promo code, you can visit the website and apply the promo code at checkout. 

Men’s transport pants prioritize comfort and performance, delivering a lightweight temperature control layer ideal as a stand-alone base layer or as the first leg of a multi-layer system. They utilize Climasense technology to help trap air, create warmth when it’s cold, and expand and breathe to release moisture vapor when you get hot.

The pants are made from a smooth fusion of nylon and spandex, which is snug without feeling constricting and provides resistance to wrinkles. They’re also quick-drying and water-repellent to keep you dry on the go. They’re the perfect choice for travel, whether you’re conquering new trails or jet-setting to new destinations.


Lightweight performance thermal pants that keep you warm, dry, and ready to conquer any mountain or outdoor adventure. Crafted for functionality, the lightweight long johns promote efficient air circulation and moisture transport to help you stay comfortable from winter hiking and mountaineering to summer bicycle commuting and everything in between. They are crafted in circular performance fabrics that are entirely free from PFAS.

The men’s transport combines signature cargo pants with a relaxed fit to create a lightweight, breathable, and highly durable shell layer for early spring to late fall adventures. The softshell fabric is wind- and water-resistant, with 10k waterproofing and plenty of storage space for all your gear.


Men’s transport pants are made of soft, stretchy materials that stay comfortably fitted. The materials are also odor-controlled for extra privacy and dermatologically tested to be kind to your skin. They are lightweight enough to provide all-day protection during your outdoor activities.

The lightweight design is perfect for any outdoor activity, including snowy slopes or mountain adventures. The open grid construction promotes optimal thermal regulation by enhancing air circulation and moisture transport. The trousers also have large dual-leg vents for additional temperature regulation. The trousers are made of abrasion-resistant Kevlar fabric to enhance durability.

The men’s transport pant features a relaxed fit that delivers unrestricted movement on the mountain. It also has 10k waterproofing to shield against heavy rain and snowfall. The men’s transport pants are an excellent choice for any snowboarder who wants to enjoy their time on the mountain without worrying about weather conditions. The two-layer waterproof membrane shuts out snow falling during lift rides and long runs. Toasty synthetic insulation adds integrated warmth for cold days on the mountain.


Discover the latest men’s thermal pants engineered to provide exceptional breathability and thermal regulation. These pants provide maximum comfort during outdoor activities like skiing, snowboarding, and hiking, featuring an innovative design that allows optimal air circulation and moisture transport.

These lightweight first-layer pants are perfect for layering up, enabling you to adjust your warmth level according to weather conditions. Their breathable fabric keeps moisture at bay and keeps you feeling dry and comfortable even during intense activities. Thermal pants can also include waterproof and breathable shell pants explicitly designed to make snowy adventures enjoyable from early spring through late fall. These intelligently designed pieces offer intelligent details and functionality for maximum outdoor fun!

Their waterproofing and breathability provide superior protection from rain, snow, and wind while allowing moisture to escape, keeping you dry and comfortable. These intelligent pants boast adjustable waistbands, reinforced cuffs, pockets for your essentials storage, and more!

Get ready for your outdoor adventure with superior thermal and shell pants designed to deliver comfort, breathability, and functionality – everything necessary to tackle any challenge head-on!


From stomping on powdery slopes to outdoor escapades, these men’s transport pants keep you warm and moving comfortably. With 10k waterproofing and breathable, stretchable design features, they are perfect for hiking, climbing, skiing, and other active pursuits.

Made with compression-woven organic Ventile fabric, these long johns have been designed for optimal thermal regulation. The material’s water-repellency comes from the fibers swelling on contact with rain, forming an effective barrier against light showers while remaining highly breathable (non-condensing). The stretchy, four-way stretch material also enhances mobility.

The crotch is gusseted to prevent rips and tears, and the waistband includes belt loops, a drawcord fastening, and a hook for braces. The elasticated ankle cuffs have both press buttons, an adjustable volume adjuster, and bootlace hooks to stop snow from entering.

The trousers are a popular choice for service work and feature a range of pockets and FR fabrics that are lighter and more breathable than many other FR clothing. They are an excellent option for public safety and fire services and can be customized with logos and patches to meet your unique requirements.