Creative Ways to Use Digital Graphics to Promote Your Business

94% of consumers say they leave a website with poor graphic design. No matter what product or service your company provides, the way you appeal to people visually plays a crucial role in attracting customers.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at 4 creative ways you can use different types of digital graphics to teach, promote, advertise, and entertain. Keep reading and you’ll learn why digital graphics matter and how to integrate them into your website, marketing, and branding.

1. Educating With Infographics

Infographics are an eye-catching way to present what could otherwise be fairly bland information. Simply writing out the facts and statistics that are meant to sway your target audience toward your products/services won’t be very enticing.

When a graphic designer packages them in a branded, eye-popping infographic, they can become the feature of your content. Getting people to read entire blog posts can be difficult, so put the info you want to stick in your infographic and your content will become more effective.

2. Using Pixel Art

Advertising can be done with various types of digital graphics. Each method has its own style and appeals to different kinds of people. For that reason, you can let your brand and your target customer dictate which style is for you.

Pixel art, for example, has really come into fashion lately for making graphics that are nostalgic for older generations, yet entertaining for younger ones. It’s also great for creating digital marketing icons for your business. If you’re looking for a pixel artist for hire, create an account at FreeUp.

3. Creating a Brand On Your Site

If your business has a really distinct and attractive logo, it helps so much for brand building. Branding is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing because it’s how people will begin to identify you as separate from your competitors.

Using a logo and branded graphics on your website will make it more attractive so that your website is working to boost your brand. It’ll also create a more cohesive experience for your visitors, which can help in myriad ways.

4. Promote Your Videos on Social Media

Video marketing has become the go-to method for attracting new customers these days. You can accomplish a lot more with a 3-minute video than you can with a 3,000-word blog, but only if it’s entertaining.

Use digital motion graphics to enhance your video and, once again, boost your brand. When you have informative and entertaining videos, then you can share them across your social media platforms and watch the leads roll in.

Digital Graphics Are Here to Stay

By using digital graphics as much as possible – in marketing, on your website, and in your content – you can make waves in your industry. If you don’t stand out in a crowded marketplace, you won’t survive. Use graphics artists and you’ll see how indispensable their work really is.

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