Top 10 Social Media Tools for Business

Social media has obviously changed everyone’s lives. Not one day can go without using social media.  It has brought entrepreneurship into a different zone by providing everyone with equal opportunity to showcase and pitch their ideas in the right places, bringing the entire world to one platform is now just a screen or a tap away. How do you think your life is going to change when you start showing your business online?  How do you want your presence to be in the virtual world?

What tools do you think will help you improve your business on social media. let us give you that special advantage and tell you the top 10 tools for business.


Hootsuite is the best free website that allows to Manage 3 social platforms in one place, hootsuite allows you to schedule 30 posts a day in advance and also allows you to generate leads that come from social contests.




Twitter is the social media that people are taking lots of interest in making the best social media strategy. Tweetdeck will be your best friend that allows users to custom timelines, manage lists and search team accounts and more for free.


Followerwonk is much more than other apps that help you schedule posts on time. Other websites help you to gain followers but what is the use of having followers that are not relevant to your content?  Followerwonk helps you understand your followers deeper, lets you engage with your audience. It allows you to connect with influential profiles, analyze rankings, understand your audience, shows their location, logins and activeness of your followers.


socialOmph provides you with features like scheduling and analytics, also this interesting feature that let you keep your DM twitter inbox cleaner. They offer a wide range of unique features for all the social media apps like  Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest management, and the ability to record, manage blog posts.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social allows you to track and generate reports by measuring facebook pages, tracking the fan growth by filtering your facebook content and Instagram trends and much more. Reports are branded with the company’s logo, transmitted through CSV, PDFs and circulated to the team members and the clients.

Buffer Publish

Buffer publish is a website used for brand building that helps you to schedule media posts, analyze performance and do everything in one place. This tool is also available on android and iOS apps as a mobile application to simplify your life.


Canva is a user-friendly software that allows you to create beautiful images. It brands your company while making it unique and fresh to your followers. Canva has new templates that allow you to design just like a professional, saving you the money for design and the expensive editing software that come along. A lot of people have successfully used Canva for lots of events before with no difficulty.

Negative analytics

This free website is going to help you analyze everything from your insights to follower count and detect how your followers are reacting to your content, buying the products. What makes negative analytics special than others is that it personally provides feedback for all the social media platform like facebook, twitter and Instagram.

Friends + me

Friends+me helps you by supporting scheduling of google profiles, communicating building, pages and then provides assistance on GSuite Google plus by reposting google photos on other social media platforms. Great marketers do great marketing by focusing on google plus.


Tailwind is a virtual tool for Instagram and Pinterest, it does not just help in scheduling posts and measures results but also improves your Instagram by monitoring conversations. What makes it unique is that others is that it provides a  range of features specific for platforms that will help you in content promotion, UGC management and more.

Final thoughts

As they say, what happens on social media stays in google forever make the best use of the top applications to change your future forever. Improve and make your business better with these tools. Technology is here to make people’s lives easy. So why not use it for the betterment of your business.