How to select an effective blogging niche for your blog

Heard you’re starting a blog? Amazing. Best of luck for the next steps ahead. 

Now you need to determine what your blog articles should be. Is it motivation, business, digital, travel or something else. In fact, you can start a blog of your own interest and writer about anything. But remember, merely writing will not take you anywhere. However, It will not be a successful blog. 

As a matter of fact, people search the internet for various reasons. Your blog topics need to solve their problems. The issues can range from entertainment, lifestyle to shopping trends etc. However, it can be numerous imaginable problems. But if your blog is rambling on random topics, how do the viewers read your blog. 

That’s why focusing on the niche blog is mandatory in this competitive digitized world. For instance, if you travel a lot and know quite a lot of places, then it is better to own a travel blog that continuously solves the problems of travellers. This narrows down your audience and hit the right viewers. Which in turn increases the traffic to your page. 

Okay, you are good at writing various topics but do you know what is a niche blogging all about. 

Let’s dwell below for further details 

What is a niche blog

Niche blog comprises a blog that caters to a specific niche group or market. They are created for every 

  • Geographic location
  • A demographic base such as income level, gender, education, age etc
  • Psychographic data like attitudes, values, interests
  • Price, quality level

Either the blogging or the nice marketing is here since ages and not a new concept at all. However, as blogging grew in demand, there are a few marketers who focused only on a niche blog. 

Usually, a niche blog contains affiliate links like py-per-click of products or both. The main purpose of the niche blog is to invite the readers to visit other websites that attempt to sell the reader service or product. Thus, the major purpose of niche blogging is to direct visitors to another website, that sells service or products. Through this, you can make money via commission. 

With all this said and done, you understood that niche blogging is where the money lies. There is an iota of doubt in it. With a niche blog, a specific set of audience visits your site regularly and know what’s trending in your blog. While hitting this, you can earn millions, but the simple trick over here is to create the appropriate kind of niche blog. 

What is blogging

A weblog shortened as blogging is a web page that contains the articles on that specific dates by one or multiple users. This pertains to a single topic or any particular niche. The act of writing a blog is termed as blogging. Initially, the website designers used to create blogs but in recent years, with the evolution of many advanced technological tools, blogging has become an easy task. It is like making ready-made curries with all the ingredients already mixed. Some of these tools are open-source but for additional features, you need to pay a few dollars. At present, with internet access, you can create your own blog like a jiffy. 

You can now create a blogging page and hit the profitable niche that generates traffic and gradually turns to be a successful income stream

Pick a topic that you’re genuinely interested

Starting a blog is a fun and enjoyable process. Currently, it is an easy approach too. Buy domains, set up the website by customizing the themes, and designs and write the first posts. This is certainly exciting and happy. But most people won’t be consistent and shift their interest and eventually lost interest in it. Hence, it is recommendable to pick a topic for your blog that you love to talk about. It can be 

  • Food
  • Travel
  • Relationship
  • Beauty and fashion 
  • Technology reviews

It can be a hobby or work-related concepts. You need not be an expert in this but have to be pleased. Just like a Ticked pink. When you sit to write the topic you have to be as happy as a clam to write down the topics. But, how can you make sure that the topic interests you and lands on cloud nine? Here is a simple trick
Take a notepad or word document
Next, have a pen or paper if you’re jotting down in a notebook
Write all the blog topics that come to your mind 
Choose the best among them and start writing.
It’s that simple. 


You have noted a few topics. But how do you know, whether it is trending or not? You need to do market research. There is an adage, follow your passion, the money will flow automatically. But along with that, you need o do through research. You need to invest your time and energy before venturing out to write one. For example, let’s say you’re a tech-savvy and want to write a topic on cybersecurity which is your favourite hobby. You want to start a blog with this post. 

Now, you want to view the web analytics about this topic. Are there enough audience for this topic or not? Start the search with tools like Google trends. Type “Cybersecurity” on Google search engine and see how many people are interested to see this topic. Google shows that for this topic there are 15,50,00,000 results (0.69 seconds). Hence there are more viewers for this and you can go ahead and write this topic. 

So, research your niche market with appropriate keywords and start writing the blog for that. At the same time, don’t underestimate the power of the competitor analysis. This lets you know whether the blog is lucrative or not. 


Once you find the right topic and researched well, then start a blog. This fetches you a long and profitable journey. Start writing content with exceptional business writing skills that stand out unique from the competitors. Be regular in writing and keep a blogging schedule. If you miss one day or so, do it the next day immediately and never procrastinate it. Though it takes some time to generate 100s of viewers to your blog, you can win the hearts of affiliates patiently. If you calmly wait, then the successful fruits will be yours at last. All your hard work will pay off. Who knows with blogging you can reach an extra mile. All the best, pull your socks up and write the first posts with passion.