Habits of highly effective business leaders

Raise your hand if you want to set an example for others as a 
Role model
Enabler and 
Guess most of you have raised their hands. Who doesn’t want to be a leader in their own industry and lead? There are many leaders around the world like

  • Mary Barra (General Motors)
  • Marc Benioff (Salesforce)
  • Jeff Bezos (Amazon)
  • Brian Chesky (Airbnb)
  • Daniel Ek (Spotify)

These are the persons who lived for their highest goals, vision and values to the company and demonstrated their integrity. They ensured that they have great interpersonal skills and influenced other persons. These haven’t become the world leaders overnight, they have built their reputation by working hard towards that and developed as hidden and innate traits in them. Develop those habits and see yourself on the top of the ladder. 

Set an example

Leaders are the one who is role models to themselves and others. They motivate employees in their organization through their attitude and behaviour. When was the last time your boss greeted you with a smiling face? It was days ago. On the contrary, leaders make sure that they are always cheerful and professionally dressed. Moreover, they are 

Punctual and manages time effectively 

Have high expectation on themselves and others in the office

Are friendly with other employees and set a benchmark for themselves

Makes a positive impact on others and inspire them also

They communicate in a clear and crisp voice. They are the persons who value good education and maintain good relationships even when stressed out. 

Confident, trust and believe in themselves. Set high targets and deadlines to achieve them at the end even successfully wins that too. 

Don’t accept bad talk, backstabbing and stereotyping people. Approachable if you feel you’re lacking somewhere and want to learn something they are the one whom you have to look for. This encourages staff to imitate the behaviour. 

Driven by curiosity

In a recent interview with Michael Dell replied that the most essential skill in a leader is curiosity. In fact, it is the most potent emotion where every aspiring leader needs to possess. Through this trait, many leaders have stepped out of their comfort zone and started to think uniquely. In one such study, it is pointed out that CEOs approach the persons who think out-f-the-box and give new solutions to the problems. 

They don’t fear to execute a new idea in a trial and error process. If failure comes, try to think in another perspective and take steps forward. Thus the art of observing and implementing these novel thoughts requires curiosity. Did you ever hear the proverb which means curiosity is a willingness to learn which removes ignorance? Yes. Exactly that is the reason Newton has discovered the universal gravitational law. When the apple was falling down he asked the question “Why”. So came the law of gravitation. 

Decision making

Apart from having goals, leaders on the one who take prompt decisions at the right time. They will not wait for the situation to come They jump in and take the plunge. Moreover, in the course of time leaders have to make many decisions like 

  • Giving promotion to an employee
  • Appreciating them by giving recognition awards
  • Whether or not to share the information with others especially to the shareholders

In such a challenging situation, they ake the right decision and stand in front of others firmly. Taking correct decisions in right situations s not an easy task. They have to convince customer, higher managers and shareholders and talk to them. As a matter of fact, they have to tell the reason, why such decisions have been taken. The decisions shouldn’t be taken for the namesake but it should have profound and impact the organization positively. A leader should not just come with mere ideas, they have to work hard and make those decisions to stand out. 


Are you also aspiring to become a leader and follow those who have already become one? Then these leadership traits will help you a lot. Don’t just catch the ladder, climb one step at a time and reach the top. There you will see a beautiful mansion. Imagine yourself sitting in that mansion once and see the beautiful things happening around. Hire some assistants and make a thorough decision. Let it be your sole aim, vision and mission for the future.