Ways to come out of your comfort zone at the office 

Are you working? Do you feel that the work you’re doing is monotonous and rote? You keep on working with the same enthusiastic but at the end of the day, you finish the work with the same feeling. What’s this work which seems to be very boring? There is no scope for improvements and learnings. But did you ever stepped off this thinking slot and went to your boss to ask them to assign new work to them. No right. That’s why they say you’re sticking to your comfort zone. This, at last, leads you nowhere. If you’re running a business then there will be no future endeavourment. The reason being you are not coming out of your comfort zone. 

First thing first, to come out of your comfort zone, hard work and dedication are what matters most. Moreover, professionals need willingness and inspiration to work hard. In the job market, there is always a high demand for the people who shows a willingness to work. Hence, there is always a predisposition that keeps people motivation high and consistently leaves their comfort zone. 

So, for the first-timers who are trying to leave their comfort zones have increased risk, and stress. The results can be double folded. Means it can be positive or negative. However, in order to achieve, you need to take risks. Don’t feel anxious and be relaxed. Try either bungee jumping or meditation where there is no adrenaline rush. This is enough if there are no higher ambitions but if you’re aiming for the higher pinnacle start with small steps. 

Get resilient

The only way to think out of the box and get strong is to face challenges and seek them. Don’t hide from the inescapable challenges and adversity that lives brings you. Strive hard and don’t look for shortcuts to achieve this. Gather up the courage and face them before they become comfortable to you. Follow the below virtues

Practise self-awareness and know who you are internally and externally. What are your desires, what is important and improvement areas? Constantly work out for those improvements and keep that as priorities.

Be committed. When you stick to something till the end it gives an edge over others and be disciplined.

Be as passionate as possible. Prioritize the important things and achieve that with utmost interest. Create a set of routine rules for yourself and have fun while learning.

Learn positivity

Learn to enjoy instead of being apathetic. Apathy is draining your energy and creates a passive approach towards life. Having enthusiastic is being proactive to the challenges that come your way. It makes you energized and optimistic, they are easy to spread. Spread them and enjoy your workplace. Surround yourself with optimistic people which drives to your goals. But the big challenge question is how to be positive? Say “Yes” to new opportunities that create the door for a higher level. Learn to smile with a reason and act to smile which moves your facial muscles and makes you feel better.

Good morning!! go up, what is your bright side of your life? Think this whenever you are at the workplace. If you’re brighter then focusing becomes easy and will be more productivity. Create this as a virtuous cycle and bring more positivism. Try to see what’s good happening around you.


Taking decisions is a little tricky. Every day we make a various decision from the time we wake up till the time we go to bed. They may be small things like 

  • Crossing a street
  • Cooking for lunch 
  • Dress to wear
  • Wishing your colleague by wishing them. 

Or at times you end taking decisions on bigger aspects like

  • Buying a new car or 
  • Purchasing a house by taking a loan
  • Marrying your loved ones etc

The more decisions you make, you’ll be ending up taking the right ones. How? You simplify the tasks and take steps to achieve it. Frame some guidelines and remove tedious tasks and save up your energy levels for the crucial ones. For any activity you do, you need a well chacked out plan, hence ask yourself whether the decisions you take have any roadblocks. If there are roadblock then you need to coss those by leaving comfort zones. In the process, identify the distracting habits you have and start building new goals. Stick to that goals and make the habit of doing it regularly. At first, it becomes hard to follow but later you can easily adapt to those.