How to Get Most Out of Text Message Marketing Campaigns

Text messages have become an essential part of many marketing campaigns. They help businesses reach out to a local audience and grow their sales. While it has already proven its worth by the extraordinary ROI it offers, you can still maximize it. Here I have shared how you can get most out of your SMS marketing campaign. 

Use a CRM

A Customer Relationship Management program will make your job easier and decision making more efficient. You need to get a CRM with text messaging to not only reach out to potential customers but also entertain them when they respond. It’s not easy to keep track of leads using a mobile phone. With a CRM, you can create different lists, separate leads from the crowd, and use various tactics to convert them. 

Create Audience Segmentation

You have different kinds of people as your potential customer. Dividing them into segments based on their characteristics would make it easy to target them. You can divide them based on their audience persona and stage in the buyer’s journey. When you have filtered the audience with the same kind of interests, you can write a personalized message for each segment that connects to them. 

Write Effective SMS Sequences

Don’t limit your campaign to a single pitch. Instead, use a complete sequence that turns a stranger to lead and lead to a customer. The first phase would start by increasing brand awareness. Once you have familiarized them with your product or services, you can give them a special offer or discount. This approach doesn’t push them to make a decision right away, which usually gets no response. 

Try A/B Testing

Write different pitches and sequences to see which works best. The messages that don’t get a response will be updated to learn about the pain points of potential customers.