5 Outdated Trends Of 2019

Social media has been the epitome of a business flourishing platform, which has undergone a lot of changes during the years on various aspects. Regardless, there are a lot of over and under development, that fluctuate with each individual becoming a part of this platform. Each mind is a pandora box with a variety of ideas. However, sometimes ideas have their own drawbacks which may or may not be accepted by users or customers. There are a lot of ideas that fail to impress the audience.  Some might not be user-friendly. Customers are inclined towards ideas that are easy to learn, use and easily accessible. Few ideas may be a hit during the initial years but gradually they are losing their pace in the modern era. Recent developments have overtaken the old ones for the better. Competitiveness, the urge to be the best has to lead to a lot of trends fade gradually. Some of the major fallouts are as follows:

Drop-in quality 

Quality has always been the main element of all the trends. Maintaining quality constantly is a hard nut to crack. The purpose of any trend is to build a sense behind it. Consider, there is a company that is based on beauty and wellness and their promotions include healthcare. How would you react? Likewise these days, quantity is nudging its way into the mainstream marketing strategy, keeping relevant information bay. Flooded feed draws more attention than the quality substance. Most of the marketing strategies that have come up these days have a lot of piled information which is irrelevant.  Quality of the content has come down with excessive information about other fields as well, to fit in more advertisements. 


Pop-ups are easy advertisement techniques, used in between videos or while browsing any websites. They would pop in between as an advertisement showcasing their product, so in case a viewer is watching a video or is visiting any other website for any product, other ads would pop in. It is similar to following up with you in case you picked a particular product from a site and jumped to the other and ended up not going further, purchasing the product. The website will drop pop-ups to find the reason or show similar products that the customer might have missed. These days there is an option to skip those ads or remove it if it appears out of nowhere. 

Unpaid services

Earlier people could browse and get content easily, the accessibility of the content was just a click away. Let’s say, there is a topic to write about and a little research is required for the same. There are a lot of examples and theories that are useful. All that has to be done is,  search for the topic and a long list of similar topics is available already. Nowadays, all the content which was readily available is no more free of cost. Every click would ask the viewer to pay a certain amount of money to view a specific page or content. The free services are gradually going down. There are very few websites left that still allow viewers to access their website. Likewise, the blogs that are written by a lot of people these days on various topics have restricted their viewers. They have to subscribe to the writeup or the website to get access.

Flyers and brochures

Handouts used to be an important source of communication. People used to print a huge amount of handouts which were either distributed, pasted on walls, or directly handed over to pedestrians. These days with the upcoming digitalization people are more inclined to e-marketing. No more wasting paper and ruining the walls and poles. Social media has taken up the advertisement department gradually as most of the people are actively into it and any news flashed is easily spread to a larger audience.


Radio has been an active part of everyone’s lives, people still listen to songs and other interactive ways of their communications. Does everybody still rely on radio for news and important events? Well, the mobile phone applications for news and entertainment are more opted for rather than radio. The upcoming digital era is helping to attain all the latest progress in and around us. Therefore the radio has lesser people looking up to it.


There are a lot of trends, trending and gradually fading away with the upcoming new technology advancement. People are getting faster and more accurate information through social media and newly developed applications. The traditional ways and sources are no longer used, people are drifting apart from them towards the new generation applications. Therefore some of the trends that were appreciated during the initial time of the year are taken over by the new generation modifications.