A virtual phone number for your remote work culture During Exceptional Conditions

The rapidly spreading pandemic has had a terrible impact on everyone’s life. Every institution, school, colleges, social gathering places, malls, etc has been shut down for an indefinite period of time. Business organizations and the corporate sector is no exception. Every office building is closed and employees have been instructed to stay away from the premises until further notice.

While this definitely is important given the need to contain the spread of the virus, one cannot totally shut their services. For organizations to keep their business running, leaders and managers have incorporated the work from home culture and employees are keenly working towards serving their sector remotely. With this being said, there arises the need for a robust communication system, one that can allow employees to connect and collaborate on a timely basis. This is where the concept of having a US virtual number pops in.

What Does A Virtual Phone Number Mean?

Virtual numbers aren’t anything different from the traditional numbers and why would they be, both facilitate communication, right? Well, that’s a myth every business owner replaces with reality.  

If you go by the actual definition, a virtual number is an internet phone number with added capabilities of engaging in virtual communication in real-time. And that’s exactly what businesses need in the current situation of uncertainty. 

How Does Having A Virtual Phone Number Help? 

Considering that this lockdown period has taken you by storm, you have turned a little pesky and wanting to return to your offices as soon as this era ends. Well, this might not be good news but that’s culture is at an arm’s length. Even if things get back to normal and the ban is lifted, you aren’t going anywhere near your office. 

So what should you do? 

The only resort here is to adapt yourself to the remote work culture. And a major role played here is by a business phone system. The concept of work from home isn’t anything new but has been in the industry for quite a long time. The fact that such a culture comes with an array of limitations, organizations have avoided the implementation of the same on a daily basis.

However, with the threat of virus setting in and the need to maintain social distancing, corporate organizations have no other option but to adopt the culture. And with it, a virtual interaction system to host and promote communication in real-time. 

A virtual phone number gives the ability to ace business communications with ease. But how?

  • Virtually Connected

Employing an online phone number as a primary form of communication within the enterprise gives leaders the flexibility to connect and communicate with their professionals anytime and anywhere. These numbers work over the cloud and require only a stable internet connection to set up a virtual workplace.

Such a number isn’t only for initiating calls but also host conferences, schedule live meetings, webinars, etc. This gives the freedom to be connected 24/7 and get timely responses and feedback from the employees. In fact, you can also host a one to one live session and execute your business practices while abiding by the norms of social distancing

  • Seamless Customer Experience

The virtual system isn’t only for the employees or in-house communication but also facilitates error-free connectivity with the clients, all across the globe. With a virtual number, you would not have to remain indoors or within the office premises. Such a communication system can be virtually connected via the web over the cloud. So, irrespective of where you are or where your agents are, they can still be answerable to the customer requirements and needs. 

Whether through emails, voicemail, direct chat, or a live meeting, your client’s are one call away.

  • Mobile Compatibility

Worried about your workspace? With restricted access to the office system and network, you might find it hard to connect using the virtual system.

Well, here again, there isn’t a thing to worry about. Virtual services as provided by the business phone system service providers come with added support for mobile devices. So no matter if you have access to the office desktop, you can always access the virtual technology and use it to your benefit. Whether through the WiFi or the mobile network, the app would support all.


Sounds crazy right? Time travel 10 years, you would have never thought about setting up a virtual space within your house, right. Thanks to the proliferation of digital tools and modern technologies, working in a remote environment with the same level of quality is not just possible but ideally available. 

So do not let this situation affect your line of business operations. Whether the virus stays or ends, you run your business at your pace with a dedicated business phone system.