Top 8 Google Search Tips you Need to Know

Google search is something which everyone in this world is familiar with. People use it for the latest news, understand subjects, watch videos, know stock prices, browse song lyrics and other events happening around the world. But the saddest part is that most of the people do not know that there exist some amazing tricks to Google. There are few simple as well as advanced tips to make your search job even easier.

One of the best service available for free today on the internet is Google search. Over 63,000 searches are reported per second on an average day on Google and nearly 2 trillion searches are recorded per year.

To make this huge number of search queries easier, google responds for various tricks which many people do not know as mentioned above. Listed are few Google search tips every google user need to know.

Tabs Make Life Easier

Billions of people use Google for different reasons. Students use it as a learning guide, business people use it to analyze their business. Being so easy to use, it also has many options to make the search even easier. The tabs displayed below the search bar make your search easier. Simply type the word you are searching for and click on images, news, or videos to view all the results related to the search query.

These tabs exist on Google just to simplify people’s search. For example, when you are searching for the latest news, type the topic and hit news tab.

Use Quotes for Exact Search

When you are so clear about what to search exactly, minimize your search and put the search word in double-quotes. Keep your search length less and avoid your guesswork drama. Google does the whole work and gives the result of each word in different orders. Using quotes will help you to get the exact result of what you search filtering other results.

For example, “winter clothing for kids” is what you want to know. The search is placed in quotes, hence Google returns the results in the same order – resulting only what you have searched.

Modifiers Give Exact Results

Google makes your job much easier with some simple tricks. For example, sometimes you may want to know about a few results excluding specific terms. Say, you want to learn about all sports excluding cricket. Type it as sports -cricket.

And, using the symbol “+” gives the opposite result. The search query sports +cricket shows the result only about cricket.

Google to Math

Google helps you cheat for your math assignments. Do your math calculations or know the result of any math problem by simply giving the input like the product of 68 and 91 resulting in 6188. Google is too intelligent as it shows the result for the query asked in any format. 68*91 also gives the same result. 

In the same way, you can play with numbers and get your complex problems solved. Ask Google the results for trigonometry questions like sin120 – tan30 or anything else.

Make your Search Quite Simple

Google is smart enough to guess your search query in beforehand. You don’t need to remember or type everything like “what are the top 10 google search tips”. Instead, you can search for “top 10 google search tips vomiting “what are”, “how does”, “which is” etc.

Simply, make your search quite simple putting only the necessary words (keywords) on the search box. 

Track Packages

Apart from general results, Google lets you track your shipment by simply entering your tracking number on the search box. Hence, there is no need to go into your website and check for delivery tracking. If you have your tracking number, you can directly know the status of it from google.

Voice Search

Google took the advantage in serving its users in many ways, one of them is voice search. People sometimes be lazy to type their search query, unable to search something putting in words, or some have fun using the voice search option. There is a microphone symbol on the right side of the search box, which listens to you and shows results. Tap on it and speak out (ask) something you want to search. Google takes it and reverts the results the same as the normal search.

Asterisks Fill The Gap

It is ordinary forgetting the lyrics of a song from your favourite movie, but Google shows you complete lyrics of the song with the pieces of lyrics you remember is something which is extraordinary. Yes, place lyrics you remember with “*” symbol, you get your song displayed on the result page. Give space before and after the asterisk (*)  to find the lyrics you are searching for.

In a nutshell, Google helps you in lot many ways. Convert currencies without any international standard organization designators, and know the weather of any place. These are a few easy tips that make your google search much easier. Save some time and avoid juggling to get the same search result multiple times.