3 Small Town Business Ideas that will Thrive

If your regular 9-to-5 job and living the glitzy big city life does not give you any motivation or satisfaction, you are not alone. Just like you, a lot of people seeks to break from the conventional mould of a career and job, but not everyone can take a leap of faith and choose entrepreneurship. As per reports, only 5% of people go on to start a business of their own. However, if you think you have it in you to start a venture of your own by moving back to your hometown, then we some great business ideas have something for you. Here are three interesting business ideas that are profitable and perfect for small towns, villages, and rural areas:


  1. Incense Stick Making Business – Owing to the religious and spiritual devotion of people, an incense sticks making business can prove to be highly profitable. Incense sticks are used in almost all religious as well as social events throughout the year. They are also used in spas and hotels to create an aromatic ambience. Incense sticks have now become a household commodity with a lot of demand and great market potential too. So, starting a venture in incense stick making might turn out beneficial.


  1. Buy a Franchise – Buying a franchise of an already established business is an excellent idea to invest in, should you wish to start a new business. And the reason behind that is you don’t need previous business experience to run a franchise as the company usually provides training to run its business model successfully. And not just that, you also get the support of a big business network. There are thousands of franchise business opportunities that you can consider investing in. However, before buying a franchise, you must research all the businesses that work on franchise models and select the franchise that you think works best for you, especially keeping the demographics of your town in mind. After you shortlist the franchise, write to the franchisor stating your interest and once you receive the document that states the franchising rules, your responsibilities, the fees, and other important information regarding the business, go through it thoroughly and seal the deal. If successful, you can consider opening multiple franchises in your town as well.


  1. Personalised T-Shirt Store – College events, small cafes, start-ups, and even school students usually get customised t-shirts to mark special events and occasions. Setting up a t-shirt store and creating personalised items doesn’t require a lot of capital or skill either, thus, making it perfect for first-time entrepreneurs as well. You can either sell on existing online stores or create an ecommerce store of your own.  Owing to the increasing disposable income and purchasing power, small towns are turning out to be flourishing markets in the country. For both consumer goods and e-commerce companies, small towns make for a profitable market. So, you can seriously consider the thought of moving back home and starting something of your own. Given the right business plan and strategy, you can achieve great success!