Simplify the Customer Service Problem with the Best Software

It’s a sound business decision to have multiple channels of communication with your customers such as email, online chat, point of sale, phone call, etc since it enables your customer service team to be more responsive and avoid bottlenecks.

However, while you try to seal one can of worms, you open up another one by scaterring your customer service data all over the place. This gives rise to a host of problems; the lack of management and organization of data may contribute towards unintentional neglect of your customer even if you overlook a tiny message received.

This sort of mismanagement can break your business as customer service is a highly crucial aspect. In fact, 50% of customers are willing to purchase more from a brand with whom they have had a positive customer service experience.  86% of them will pay up to 25% more to experience a stellar level of customer experience.

So, in case you want to avoid any service-related catastrophe and deliver a utopian experience just like Spectrum Customer Service does, you need a customer service software that will consolidate all your customer data in one place and offer you valuable insights into your customers’ patterns via analysis.

  1. Freshdesk

It’s one of the most comprehensive customer service help desk software out there. Freshdesk offers flexible pricing plans and is even available for ndividuals and small teams. It provides with a varying set of help desk capabilities such as support inboxes access to entire teams, information portals or knowledge bases, social customer support, automated ticketing mechanism, and community forums. Its integrated ticket-time tracking mechanism is useful in scrutinizing bottlenecks in your operations.

Moreover, with its Arcade feature, it aims to introduce the concept of gamification by rewarding agents, who successfully resolve a ticket in time.

  1. LiveAgent

This award-winning platform possesses a selection of help desk features such as file sharing, contact forms, live chat, email supports, and social media integration. Moreover, it aims to unify all your multi-channel communication in one place.

LiveAgent’s gamification aspect, POP3 accounts along with its humanization of customer support interactions makes it a real winner.

The software facilitates personalized service to each customer, eliminates spam, and helps agents access a centralized customer data to help solve every issue effortlessly.

  1. Hubspot Service Hub

This Hubspot’s platform is specifically designed to facilitate customer service, while simultaneously integrating with other Hubspot services.

Its feature includes ticket system for tracking customers’ queries and complaints, Portals for easy access to information by customers, Conversation modules that help add context to interactions with customers along with a universal inbox that induces streamlined collaboration among teams.

  1. Zendesk

One of the most popular cloud-based customer support software out there, Zendesk’s popularity is warranted due to its suite of support solutions that offer essential help desk tools such as its ginormous ticket management system operated by 5 to 500 support agents, and its consolidation of varying customer interaction platforms such as chat, email, web and social media.

Moreover, Zendesk comes with a web-interface, which a company can customize as per their branding requirements. It entails a Help Center, where all your customers can come to discuss their issues and find solutions. Its analytics feature is the cherry on top as it tracks and analyzes customer engagement.

  1. Salesforce Essential

The software is an all-in-one platform, which includes CRM capabilities, customer support operations, and sales.

Salesforce Essentials lets you try out all its features via its free trial so you can gauge its usefulness for your business. Checkout its pipeline tracking, multi-channel console, 360-degree customer review, case auto-assignments, ticket queuing, and task management features for effortless team collaboration.

With its self-service features, you can create information portals where your customer can seek information and solutions over your product/services without having to consult an agent.

Bringing it All Together

For the most important aspect of your business, it is essential that you choose a software that is top of the line, offers speedy communication between you and your customer, and spurs responsiveness of your team.

Which software to go for wholly depends on your business type, team size, service, and industry. Make a list of your requirements and issues related to customer service, and choose a platform that best matches that list.