How To Create Offers People Feel Stupid Saying “No” To 

There comes great power with great offers – but first you need to work out how to create and market a great offer. Luckily, that’s what this article is going to tell you today. Keep reading to find out how to create offers that people feel stupid saying “no” to! 

Work out their dream outcome 

The most important part of this process is to focus on the outcome rather than the product or service. People aren’t that bothered about what you’re going to do, so long as they get their desired outcome and value for their money. Usually, clients wish for only two things: an increase in revenue or reduced costs. In order to ensure they’re going to accept your offer, work out what it is exactly they want and offer it to them

Using data to show clients proof of what you’re promoting is another way to ensure that people feel stupid saying “no” to you. When a person is faced with evidence of how a problem they have can be fixed, they’re highly unlikely to turn it down.  

Offer them something unique

Similarly, to the above, this step is about giving them something that they want, and, importantly, that nobody else but you can give them. By offering them something unique, you’re significantly increasing the value of the offer, and making them less likely to decline. With a Clear Start product, you can guarantee that your advertisements will offer potential customers something entirely exclusive that they’re unlikely to turn down. 

Another way that offering them something unique is beneficial is because clients are more inclined to make the sacrifice, or pay a little bit extra, for something they’re not able to get elsewhere. 

Make it easy for them

In order to ensure that clients don’t say no to your offers, you should list all the possible problems they might encounter, and then give them a range of solutions, so that any barriers they might have had are removed. By making sure that clients don’t lose out by accepting your offer, you’re making it extremely difficult for them to decline, because there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

By listening to all their perceived problems, you’re also making it clear that you understand the client, thus increasing their trust in you and your offer. 

Their friends and family have said yes 

By targeting like-minded people, you’re increasing the chances of conversation happening around your product or service. You’ll benefit from this because word of mouth marketing is such an effective advertising method – even better, it will effectively advertise your product, service, or offer for you for free. We’re more likely to trust our friends or family members when they say they’ve received a good service than we are to trust a stranger, so don’t be worried if only a few people accept your offer to begin with. 

Final thoughts

Remember, it’s vital that you work to sell the outcome of a service or product, rather than the thing itself. Follow this advice and you won’t need any ‘good luck’ with creating your offers – the results will speak for themselves!