YouTube and Advertising – Insights on How to Improve Your Business

As social media got the entire globe on one platform with instant feedback, comments and reactions, it has been a great medium to advertise for every brand. Social media, not just launched careers, it helped us to keep in touch with our favourite celebs, checking the news, giving out opinions, expressing ourselves and mark our presence on it, just like everybody else in the world. As everyone is making social media a part of their lives, creators have taken the best advantage of it, by creating ads that let the consumers believe in your product and buy it. Out of all the famous social media platforms, YouTube has launched careers that let digital media boom to the most influential and effective medium of advertising currently.


Youtube, the free streaming service by Google plays the most creative, interesting and reliable content that is accessible around the world to make lives easy. It allows you to showcase your videos,  content that can be seen by anyone.

Basically, anyone in the world can create a channel. Youtube gives you full access to be creative for your channel, you could set up a theme, have a genre, get a shape to what you want to showcase and increase your subscribers. The interesting apart of being a YouTuber is the revenue generation, working of logistics, budgets for filming, being a part of agencies.

Is this where advertising comes into play? Yes.

YouTubers make most of their money through advertising. As challenging it is, to be creative and engaging the audience it’s very interesting how creators on Youtubers slide in brands, ads and make people believe in products and convince them to buy it so that advertisers can pay YouTubers and not just throw their ad on viewers out of context like television or radio, which wouldn’t be believable, also upset the sponsor. In the recent updates, youtube allows the creators to put up stories, upload images, videos and have a steady viewership by letting their audience ‘like share and subscribe!’ to their channels. 

Youtube uses adverting in many different ways. It is very important for you to know where to invest and what would help you best to improve your business, to advertise and to know where to put the money. You need to understand how youtube advertising works and what type of ads work the best for you.

Firstly, youtube allows ads that are 15seconds to 15mins. There are a few types of ads that you can pay Google Display network for and google will stream it on youtube and other google websites. 

Non-skippable ads

 This form of ads takes control over viewership and forces the viewers to watch the advertisement. These are the most bankable form of advertising since it makes sure your message is delivered entirely to the viewer. Nevertheless, these ads tend to get a bad rep as they are completely forced. Most people would move away from the advertisement by closing the app. This could be a risky way of business because if you force too many ads people will eventually stop using the app.

Skippable ads 

 Also known as True view ads, the traditional form of advertisement that is played when you start a new video on youtube. The nature of this advertisement is that it gives users an option to skip the ads after five seconds. Advertisers on youtube are called as sponsors. This mode of advertisement works well for the sponsors and the viewers because sponsors have to pay only if the ad is viewed for more than 30 secs.

Viewers have a choice to watch the advertisement or to skip it. These ads are usually played before the videos of YouTubers, beside the video or under the video or in the middle of a video. These are the most common and beneficial mode of advertisement. As viewers, unintentionally go through your ad you can gage their attention immediately. The time-space provided in form lets them listen to you entirely.

As they say ‘Don’t settle for a half-empty glass, always go for one full one’.  It’s important for the consumer to know what your ad in order to exactly what you are trying to convey.  Also, because they are played frequently viewer will watching your ad entirely so the investment is better as it will eventually benefit you. Viewers will like it better when it’s given to them in their own space and time. It may also add up to your goodwill in some cases. True view ads are divided into two mediums, 

  1. In-display ads: this form of ads appear as suggestions in the video overlay or on search and youtube search. There is no limit to the length of the video.  It allows you to have a description, extensional links.
  2. In-stream ads: in this form of ads appear in the middle or at the start of a video, there is a limit to the length of the video. allows you to insert a link that will lead the viewer directly into your website.

Now that you understand what are the ads. How do you know where to advertise?


 As it is established that YouTubers are the greatest assets for advertising YouTubers need youtube as much as youtube needs them. Content circulation is a whole game. As hundreds of  YouTubers create content for millions of followers, you can get in touch with them through their agents or their social media. make a deal with them that allows them to create content indirectly advertising for you and provide the customers with links that direct them towards you. This form of interesting and influential but also involves a lot of PR. it’s important to match your product with their theme and make you apart of their own ideas and creativity.  Pay them for reviews and make them upload videos about your company/ product/ service. 


 Marketing plays a major role in advertising, people tend to think marketing and advertising are the same, but they aren’t. Advertising your products to a person lets them know that you exist but marketing it properly lets them to believe that they need your product and that they need to keep coming back to you for it.

 As  Bill Bernbach says“The most powerful element in advertising is the truth.” sell your viewers a story, story of you. The story of what you want to be in the world and how choosing you is going to make their world better. Don’t just have a pretty person smiling and telling your product is good, make your costumers potential by making them a part of your story and you being a part of theirs. The art of advertisement lets people to change their lifestyle. Youtube has been a game-changer for the world. It made lives easy, with a good pitch people will make your product a part of them.