What Makes Bags an Excellent Promotional Item for Trade Shows?

Giving away promotional gifts at a trade show is one of the best marketing strategies for any organisation. Customised products draw a lot of traffic to your kiosk and create a positive brand image among visitors. And bags are the most versatile gift item for all ages and genders.

You can select promotional custom bags from websites like https://customgear.com.au/bags.html as the best gifts for your targeted audiences at such events.

Different Promotional Bags for Trade Show Marketing

When you walk inside a trade fair, you will see many visitors trotting around holding customised products. Your promotional bags can be one of them. Here are some types of standard bags you can use for advertising your brand.

Custom Backpacks

These are the best choices for promoting your brand in trade shows. Backpacks are preferred by all genders and can be used for leisure travelling or official use.

Cooler Bags

Customised cooler bags are helpful for picnics and outdoor camping. You can utilise them to keep your food and beverages on the go.


Totes are the most versatile choice for shopping and fetching everyday essentials. You can order colourful and vibrant totes from reliable websites like https://customgear.com.au/bags.html for your next official event.

Drawstrings bags

Drawstring bags printed with an eco-friendly message will grab eyeballs at an exhibition. These bags will be sturdy and durable for many years.

Benefits of Giving Promotional Gift Bags in Trade Shows

Giving away promotional gift bags at trade shows is one of the best marketing strategies. Some tips to help you know about the benefits of gifting promotional bags at a corporate expo are as follows.

Attracting Visitors to Your Booth

Custom bags printed with your company name and logo offer the best way to grab visitors’ interests. 

Giving away bags stuffed with goodies or chocolates can help you attract the maximum crowd to your exhibition booth.

Bags are a Durable Gift

When customers get a promotional item, they would want to preserve it for a long time. Personalised bags help maintain a positive brand image in the customers’ minds. It is the best way to create brand awareness amongst a wider audience.

Cost-effective Advertising Method

Investing in promotional products is a cheaper option than another form of advertising your brand. Your brand gets free visibility and traction when visitors flaunt your bags at other events and places. Business gifts offer higher returns on investment compared to other marketing strategies.

Effective Marketing Tool

Giving custom bags is an effective marketing method to promote your brand among visitors. When more people notice the promotional products with your branding features, it helps build trust and confidence in your organisation and products.

Environmental-Friendly Option

Selecting recyclable and reusable customised bags for your corporate event is the best way to promote sustainability.

Customers prefer to do business with companies working towards a green environment. 

Final Words

Custom printed bags in trade shows can be used by visitors to hold other promotional products like flyers, discount coupons, and other smaller items. You can choose a promotional bag of any shape, size, and colour to market your brand effectively.