What is the purpose of an Associate of Arts degree?

Are you wondering if there are better career opportunities available for you with a college degree? If so, then this blog holds the solution to enable you to move up the corporate ladder and enjoy lucrative benefits. Continue reading to gain an in-depth idea about the Associate of Arts degree and how it can transform your career.

What is an Associates of Arts degree?

An Associate of Arts degree is an undergraduate academic degree earned by students who have completed courses in the social sciences, humanities and business fields. This is a general postsecondary degree course, the curriculum of which combines liberal arts and science background, with greater importance placed on the humanities.

It is basically an entry-level degree program that provides the right education for students who have earned a high school diploma or General Education Diploma (GED) to prepare for advanced studies in their respective fields. This degree program is also known to be well-structured to boost your salary, thus allowing you to enjoy more benefits.

What makes the Associate of Arts degree ideal?

An Associate of Arts degree can be earned in less than two-year time and can be employed in a variety of career fields. It opens door to a host of well-paying professions, including:

  • Research assistant;
  • Human resources manager;
  • Writer;
  • Public relations officer;
  • Sales executive;
  • Graphic designer
  • Administrative assistant;
  • Social worker;
  • Management trainee.

Most employers find employees with an Associate of Arts degrees to be ideal choices. This is because they not only have the required education but prove to be ready and eager to learn additional hands-on skills from managers in their organization. This seems to make a difference in the work output almost immediately after the hire.

What are the perks of studying an Associate of Arts degree?

Pursuing an Associate of Arts degree allows you to study and work at the same time. This further put emphasis on the fact that by earning your Associate of Arts degree, you can not only change career paths but also move up in your current occupation.

Additionally, qualifying with an Associate of Arts degree can be a great stepping stone toward earning a bachelor’s degree, as it signifies the completion of coursework comparable to the first few years of a bachelor’s degree. It gives you the option to use the credits earned during your associate degree toward a bachelor’s degree through an articulation agreement.

If you are looking for higher job security, a larger salary package and better health benefits, consider earning your Associate of Arts in Canada. Take up this course now to effectively prepare for the next step in your education or future career.