What is Cross Browser testing and How Comparium Helps website testing

Everyone spends their time reading current news, navigate websites, play games and use a different application.

Wait for a moment!!!

Start comparing those websites or applications with yours. When you find you’re offering poor web design, then it’s time to take user experience into consideration. When you don’t provide excellent user experience, then you can’t expect the user to visit your website. User starts switching from your website to competitors.

Sounds like a scary story!!!

Website or web application is the face of your business. As a web designer, your ultimate aim is to create an effective web design and provide great user experience to prospects. Also, you need to ensure that your website is working perfectly on multiple browsers. The popular browsers are Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. People use web browsers according to their preference. While developing a website, you need to ensure that your website is working perfectly on different web browsers.

Every web browser interprets website design differently. While accessing a website, suddenly you’ve found an issue on that website. You take help from their technical support, they advise you to try it on another web browser. It works!!! At that moment users get frustrated and never comes back.

With technology advancement, there are many web browsers options available. You can’t just stick to a couple of web browsers. If you want to grab your users attention, your website needs to be compatible with different browsers.

Cross browser testing is more powerful than ever!!!

Let’s discuss cross-browsing testing,


What is cross-browser testing?

Cross-browser testing plays a vital role in the software development lifecycle. This process ensures that the application works well across several web browsers as expected. Keeping it simple, cross-browser testing is the method of testing your application’s compatibility with multiple web browsers. It is applicable for a website and mobile applications.

Cross-browser testing can be done in two ways such as

  • Manual – Test cases are executed manually. This process is time-consuming and costly.
  • Automated – Write a test script and execute it on multiple browsers. The repetitive test cases are automatically executed by the tool.

Webpage performance is truly important in enticing business prospects. Make your webpage reliable and grow in a short period.

Want to save your time and improve web page performance? Yes!!! Comparium cross-browser testing tool is a one-stop destination for you. Within a few simple clicks, you can test browser compatibility.


Importance Of Comparium

Do you know, web designers are now following the latest techniques to optimise their webpage with Comparium cross-browser testing tool. Comparium software help to analyse the stability of the provided web page across various operating systems. The most commonly used OS are Windows, Linux, macOS etc. Also, test your webpage on multiple browser platforms such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera.

With Comparium tool, you can identify the broken links on the web page. Also, you can check unoptimised coding that can result in server errors.


How Comparium helps website testing?

Cross-browser testing can be done manually by reviewing every version of web browser against multiple operating systems. The process can be complex and redundant. These repetitive process can lead to human error.

Comparium replaces these repetitive process automated within a few clicks. You can test countless webpage for free. The best part of Comparium software is universally compatible with all browsers and operating system in the market. It makes developer and designer’s life easier.


How Comparium works?

Testing web pages is now easier with Comparium tool.

  • Insert your email id a URL of the webpage
  • Select any web browsers and operating systems of your choice
  • Click on the test button
  • After a few seconds, the results will be displayed on a new tab

Comparium helps to enhance webpage accuracy. Also, highlights the bugs with colours. Consider, grey colour indicates server errors. The testing tool supports cross-browser testing on different operating systems such as Windows 7, 10, High Sierra, Linux and Mac OS X Mojave.

Automated test screenshot is emailed to the designated recipient soon after the test completes. There is no need to babysit the entire process and thus saves your precious time and increases productivity.


Offline report

Say big thanks to Comparium!!! It made the cross-browser testing process easier in just two steps. Sounds amazing right!!! Enter your email address and web page URL that you want to test. Handle your work to Comparium, it tests your web page on multiple web browsers and OS. Generate results within a fraction of seconds. Also, sent you the set of screenshots to your email id.

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