What is brand personality

Does your brand own a personality? You might be wondering what is this question. Though it’s not a challenging question, you need to know whether it is formal, social or spunky. At present, defining and identifying the personality of your brand has become a norm and crucial. Moreover, drawing the power of brand personality requires the following features

  • Thought
  • Planning
  • Consistent effort. 

Not only the above three, but it must appeal to your potential customers and their interests. This has to showcase your creativity and intelligence and a bit of humour added to it. Keeping professionalism at the top of your mind. Though it is difficult, the outcome will not be in terms of mere monetary terms. The engagement is on a grandeur. 

The influence of a brand can be irresistible and dictates and demands loyalty. This has the ability to share with other brands and share your spotlight. All things considered, this is the real key for the prosperity of your company. 

What is brand personality?

Just like a human has their own personality traits, the brand also have their attributes. This is how a brand is defined and a consumer can relate to. A beautiful brand increases its brand equity by portraying consistent traits specific to a segment. The brand adds value to the company along with other functions. The characteristics of the brand signify its behaviour by individuals who are associated with the brand and through packaging and advertising. 

On the whole, when the brand identity and image are clearly expressed in terms of human traits, it is referred to as brand personality. For example, Nike, the leader in athletic apparel and shoes, stays on top because of its brand personality.  Their trait is athletic and boasts themselves on offering the best sports gear. They moreover represent a cool and successful athletic brand which every athletic wants. In the same way, Infosys typifies value, intellectualism and uniqueness.  

Furthermore, the idea of brand personality applies to every company irrespective of its size. Whether big or small anyone who has a web presence in the present-day world. That means, you as a designer, freelance and developer can become the brand of your own office. Likewise, for a successful brand, you need to harness and cultivate the personality in ana effective way. 

Essential elements of a brand personality

Branding strategies in terms of logo, name, colour, fonts and any form of branding tactics that affect the personality. 

Marketing activity such as taglines, packaging, communication approaches that have a major role in determining personality. 

Types of brand personality

Brand personality is a framework that aids in organization and company to shape the feelings of people about their mission, services or products. Moreover, it elicits an emotional response and the targeted audience feels attached. There will be a positive action that is advantageous to the firm. Customers will be more interested in buying your products if they like your personality similar to their fancies. There are five main types of brand personalities which most of the industries are using to promote their brand. 

  • Excitement: Youthful, spirited and carefree
  • Ruggedness: tough, athletic, outdoorsy,  rough
  • Sincerity: thoughtfulness, kindness
  • Sophistication: prestigious, elegant and at times pretentious
  • Competence: accomplished, successful, and  influential backed by leadership

For example, Dove which uses sincerity as a brand personality and attracts female consumers. 

The importance of brand personality

As an emblem to the country, the brand is almost everything and signifies your business activities. According to Ann Handley “It is the image people have about your company and product. It is who customer think you are.” That. why an effective brand like coca-cola evolves and lives in the hearts and minds of consumers forever. It’s an identity that is crucial for your business endeavours. Not only this, brands personality is effective in many ways here are some of the ways:

  • It is the face of your business. Its tells people that the logo means a lot to the company. 
  • Develops credibility and visibility among its competitors and builds trust between its various consumers
  • Its a template for every advertisement impressions. It can either be on print, digital or YouTube.
  • Gives your company a mission statement and a purpose to stand by. 
  • Generates new customers and retains existing consumers that agree to the brand you are offering. 

How to create an effective  brand personality

Most of the brands focus only on a single category, don’t put yourself into that box. Brand personalities are active and multifaceted. For example, many agree that brands like Patagonia fall under the type of ruggedness as they are mostly adventurous, athletic and outdoorsy. But it is also environmentally conscious. But they also come under the category of social initiatives and environmental. 


Before going to pick one category, jot down the list of all the personality traits you associate your brand and potential customers. Group all the traits that work together and select the one from that. For this, you need to research well about your 

  • Audience
  • Competiton 
  • Value proposition
  • Mission

It may be a boring task but, to know more about your business the mightier the brand personality will be. Do SWOT analysis, and understand your company better. 


According to the facts, rating your brand personality attributes from 5 to 10 and get familiarize. One is the least descriptive and five the most descriptive of your brand. This helps in eliminating the personality traits that don’t represent your brand.Besides, it also helps in determining your brand personality and the most essential for your business. 


Creating an adhesive brand personality requires a lot of hard work and adjusting for perfection. Moreover,if it doesn’t match, changing it is okay but tweak it lightly. Besides, it needs to have a balance between the core values and the updating trends. Don’t jump to conclusions without considering the bigger picture. Always thinks about the ends and trends keeps and doesn’t long last. Hence, you have to edit frequently.  


Brand personality is more than a mere logo and a colour palette. It is the experience that informs the essence of your business. Similar to humans, brands have their own personality and traits. Your brand personality establishes an emotional connection with the targeted audience. Do you believe that humans have values, goals and beliefs? Yes, the same goes with organizations. Now, if you’ve to describe a person, how would you describe them? Are they a 

  • Female or a Male
  • Old or Young
  • Edgy or Friendly,
  • Smart or Funny

By the same toke, brand strategy is identifying with the human personality attributes that can crystalize and deliver a powerful element to win people. Moreover, people want to see the human touch in business. Furthermore, some of the noteworthy brand personalities are Old Spice, Nike, Mail Chimp, Wrangler, Pepsi, Apple, and Axe. This showcases why they have evolved over time with their consistency and diligence. Next what? Make your brand personality with these tips and by knowing the reasons for creating one. Let the stories flow with your brand.