What is Blog and how to Create it?

What is Blog?   

Blog defines as an online journal or informational website (shortening of “Weblog”) disclosing the information in the sequential form, with most advanced posts appearing first. A blog is a platform for the passionate people who were writers and individuals who want to be a writer shares their view on a particular topic.

Blogs may vary into a personal blog, Business blog, travel etc. Behind the blog, there are many reasons for a personal blog and business blog its mostly made business purpose publicity too. Blogging for marketing, projects, or anything, a blog might bring the capital and with upright public attention.

As you get into the business and new market world, you need to rely on blogging, it helps you in grabbing the customers’ attention. If you don’t explore your business it would remain aside and become invisible. whereas operating a blog delivers you the surveying knowledge and also helps in acknowledging the competitor’s study.

Types of Blogs

If you are a beginner, you might have different questions running in your mind about types of blogs. There are multiple types of blogs which cover an extensive range of subjects, interests of audiences. To make a successful blog, you need to prepare ahead and determine the niche which works for you. From the experts’ point of view here are a few types of blogs which are the most popular which works actually for you where it helps to start your blog right now.

Personal Blog

Bloggers who have their blog, have the freedom to express their views through the blog. They have no barriers to maintain a website. The personal blogger uses WordPress, Tumblr, and alike networks. To raise a blog in a few minutes to introduce and share their thoughts with the world.

Some times personal bloggers will focus on a interest, like a hobby.

The resolution of a personal blogger is attaining others to share their work. The best method to create a fellowship for a personal blog is to get the other personal bloggers also who share the same interest.

Business Blog

Business bloggers write about subjects that attract ideal consumers.

The best method to build a fellowship for a business blog is to know people’s interests. Assure that each part of the content leads to create an intention that they want to get more information on your products and services.

Professional Blogs 

Professional bloggers are trained and blogs to make money online. Their purpose is to get a salary through their efforts in blogging. Professional bloggers manage to use a variation of monetizing tact to fulfil the goal. Including selling the display advertisements, producing information, digital products, and promoting other products for a commission, and similar.

Professional bloggers focus on one blog or multiple niche blogs to generate income. The success of a professional blogger depends on their monetizing goals. Those who wish to make money through promotion will need a substantial amount of business from an audience engaged in a particular subject

Ready to start your blog?

Creating your blog is quite simple and you need to follow few simple steps. If you pick a name for your blog and in a blogging platform, you need to take a web hosting provider. Eg- WordPress

For all the new bloggers, experts recommend a website which helps you in creating the blog. You need to get a free domain name from the domain providers. Once you sign up with the website and if you feel like not comfortable with their services, they do offer few plans.

Role of Word Press

WordPress is known as one of the open-source platforms, which allows you to develop a website. With a simplistic interface, infinite free plugins, themes, and an energetic community, it has no surprise that more than 27% of websites rely on blogs to make business publicity.

How to Start a Blog in simple Steps

Now Learn to create a blog in a few minutes by following these steps:

Select a name for a blog and prefer something uniquely descriptive.

Arrange your blog online and Register your blog to get hosting.

Design your blog. Pick a free template from the given options and stick it to the wall.

Write interesting content and publish your post. The most exciting part!

Boost your blog. Reach more people to read your blog keep sharing with your friends or the to known people.

earn through blogging. Pick any one topic from numerous options and monitor your blog.

If you are excited to build a personal blog, where you can discuss a mixture of materials then experts recommend using your name, or some modification of it, since your blog defines all about you.

If you want to write on one particular topic then you need to include a something unique in your blog name. Try to avoid expanding it and prefer just one word though.

Once you are clear about your blog and some ideas about a blog name you need to select a domain extension.

Dotcom domain extension is the most preferred domain, but.net or.organization work as well. It is also important to for a blog domain you cannot have any space between words. Eg – Art to write becomes Arttowrite.com

Now can add your name and you might have picked an extension it is time to ensure that no one else has already registered the same name.

Blog Structure 

The rise of blogs developed in normal times, and in recent years blogs cover different things. However, most of the blogs introduce few standard features and structure of it. Here are some regular features where a typical blog includes.

write the Header (in the headline bar) with the navigation bar.

The main content field be will wide and highlighted.

The Sidebar is for social profiles and highlighted with popular content.

Footer with related links kind of disclaimer, privacy policy, contact page, etc.


As per the researcher’s analysis, maintaining a blog is beneficial to reach the audience. A blog is a popular mediator to share their views on any kind of topics which share knowledge and also acts the medium to promote the business.