What are the different types of project managers?

Not all locks can be opened with one key similarly one project manger is not capable of solving all types of organisational problems. We need different expertise each time a problem arises in the organisation.

If you are a part of any organization, knowing about the types of project managers is important for you to hire the proper one when needed. Also, if you are a project manager, you need to know the types of project managers so that you can decide which one do qualify. This will help you in picking appropriate jobs for yourself and then excelling in those types of work.

We might have the best tools and software to be used for management, but the importance of a project manager cannot be emphasized enough. A harmonious project completion is possible only when a project manager undertakes the process of its execution.

The quality and type of the project manager will determine the success or the failure of the project. If an organization chooses to not hire a project manager, it is very likely that all the underlying teams will fail to present a coordinated effort. It will lead to unnecessary chaos in the middle of project execution. So, knowing about a project manager’s skills, abilities, strengths and personality does pay off in the long run and impacts the quality of work and output.

A few project managers prefer to dig deep and know every possible detail. They supervise everything in atomic details leaving no nothing to chance. Alternatively, some project managers add fun to whatever task they undertake and make the project a comfortable task for everyone included in the team. Some delegate the project operations very well but some prefer to take the major work onto themselves and allow other to participate by giving advice.

There are numerous types of project mangers but do you know which are you? Let us look at all these types first and then determine your personality traits of a project manager.

1. The perfectionist

The name makes it pretty much clear, what these types project mangers reflect. They prefer everything to be done in a very precise manner. Any deviations from the set standards willmake then go mad. They individually supervise every detail about the project.

They go into extensive detailing when it comes to reviewing the tasks. But the benefits such type of project managers offer overrule any unnecessary things that they do. They possess exceptional organizational skills which is obviously a pre requisite for a project to succeed. When the planning is to be done for the progress of a project, they outlay each and every thing in detail. This is quite helpful for future reviewing and avoids any kind of confusion that might arise.

2. The Front Runner

These type of project managers are highly motivated that too intrinsically. They leave no opportunities to make their project a success by achieving the expected outcomes. They even go out ofthe wat in order to do what is required for the project. They are highly creative and employ this creativity to their work.

They improve the quality of work through their new and innovative idea. This does not mean that they do not perform quality tasks. Rather their projects are referred to as high in standards. They set considerably higher parameters and then achieve it in their own unique way. They not only perform well themselves but also push others to perform better. They are good at advising and encouraging their team members.

3. The Prudent

These kinds of project managers do not leave anything to chance. They have a detail plan about what to do and when to do it. Not only this, they make sure that if their plan A fails then they have a plan B. they are very good at execution of these plans too. they know the strengths of each and every member of the team and delegate the tasks accordingly. You can rely completely on them when it comes to details about the project as they have it on their fingertips.

4. The Saviour

These types of mangers are the best problem solvers. As no project is actually running if it is not facing any problems. Such managers have solutions on them every time there arises an issue related to the project. Be it an issue as small as the acquiring a resource from somewhere or as big as a fault in planning. They have it all covered. They are very resourceful and creative when it comes to problem solving. This skill is highly valued now a days in the industries as problem solving is what some projects are about these days.

5. The Dictator

Sticking to conventional ways, yet they bring out the best from the project they undertake. They are strong willed and influential in many ways. They want everything to happen as planned and do not like deviations. They are punctual and expect everyone to be the same. Be it about arriving at office or completion of a task. They are all about discipline and in all circumstances abide by the rules. They are absolutely perfect for leadership and motivating their team members. they know which vein to hit and when. They can get all things done without any chaos and delays.

6. The Advisor

As we all know knowledge is the most important tool a project manager can hold. A project manger is required to calm at all times. These types of mangers have it in them to make everybody work in a coordinated manner. They give advice in such a manner which seems to be appropriate and perfect. They have all the answers for their team members, be it related to the project or something outside of it. They guide people without measuring the details but for the greater good. Their leadership qualities are exceptional and surely everybody loves them.

7. The Delegator

Not all responsibilities lie on a project manager. These types of project managers understand this very well. They include the senior level of organisation and junior team members into discussions. They understand what a person does well and then assign them task according to it. They even push the boundaries of their team members to allow them a scope for personal growth. They try and bring out the best of the personality in everyone. They take decisions with consent from everyone and are thus loved by everyone. They are good leaders and even guide well.

So, after reading about all the project managers type, which description do you think you fit in?