Ways in which to obtain a barcode

I need a barcode, what now

Starting a new business is a daunting prospect.  It is a big step to take and involves taking risks and hoping they will pay out in the long run. There are a lot of decisions to make and there is a great deal depending on making the right decisions for your unique situation.  One of those important decisions to make is whether or not to initiate a barcode system within your business. Is it worth the investment? Barcode Solutions is here to make this decision easier www.barcodesolutions.co.za. The process has never been so easy.  We will show you all the different options available that will boost your business in the very competitive modern business world of today.

The first step is for your business is to choose which format you would need to purchase. Which one will be best suited to your individual needs?  There is a wide range available. The most common are retail formats.  These are used by retailers worldwide in order to sell their products and track their inventory. In South Africa, the two most popular formats are the UPC and the EAN barcode. They are both American formats but are used throughout the world.  The EAN barcode is thirteen digits long and they always begin with a 0. The UPC is 12 digits long. Most retailers will choose the EAN barcode above the UPC because it is more versatile.  We are able to provide both of these formats for your company at the best rates. When receiving your pack your high resolution images will be included which are for use to be included in the label of your product or if your label has already been created and placed on your product you are able to have then printed on stickers and you can them place them manually onto your individual products as needed. If you decide to include the EAN barcode in your product label design then a good idea as well is to have a roll of the UPC format printed on stickers so that if need be that you have one or two stores that require this format you can place the stickers over the EAN. 

Most retailers will require you to obtain a barcode if you would like them to stock your products. They are used in businesses to assist in the checkout process. Each product will have its own unique code.  Each different size and variation of your product will need its own separate code. For example, if you are selling dog food in two different sizes and in two different types, you will need four.  When this barcode is scanned at the checkout counter, it will bring up each individual item so that the sales assistant can simply scan each item instead of having to manually search for it on the sales system.  This will limit the chance of human error and avoid mistakes that will lead to a loss of profits. It will also make the sales check out process a lot faster and smoother.  These days, consumers are in a rush and do not want to waste time waiting in long queues.  If you are interested in how the barcode was invented you can read about it in great details in this informative article BBC News.

Another format that some businesses will require is an ITF-14. This is a 14 digit format that is also called a box or a case barcode. It is needed only when you would need to supply your products in bulk. This makes life easier for the retailers. Each individual product will have its own EAN barcode – and it will be linked to a case code which the retailer can scan.  By scanning it, the retailer will bring up a box of 6 individual products.  

We also recommend using a QR code in your business. These modern Quick Response codes are two dimensional and are able to store a wide range of information.  They are square images that are able to be scanned by two dimensional scanners.  They often store a business URL.  In a business setting, there are a few different uses of these specific formats. Firstly, you can use QR to promote your business by giving clients more information about what your business offers as well as any current specials or promotions.

QR codes are even being used on ballot paper now QR codes used on ballot paper for the first time.

A second use of these is in payment applications. These days it is possible to pay for your purchases simply by scanning a one at a checkout counter and following the prompts on the screen. The client needs to load their credit card details onto the app such as the SnapScan application and after this, they are able to use SnapScan to pay for products instead of using their credit, debit cards or cash.  

Once you have decided which barcode you would like to purchase, the next step is to contact us  We will be able to help you decide which barcode you will need as well as how many you will need to purchase. In addition, we will provide you with a formal quote.

The next step is to pay for them. This can be done via PayFast with your credit card or via eft or bank transfer.  After this, we will simply need to know the name you would like us to register your barcode under. This can be company name or an individual name, the choice is completely yours and your company does not have to be formally registered. The final step is for us to send you the barcode pack via email.  This process is not complicated and will not take long, that we can promise.

Once you have your pack, you will then be able to either incorporate it into your package design or print them onto barcode stickers which you will be able to attach to each product as we previously mentioned.

In conclusion, please feel free to contact us. Our codes are fully registered and come with a certificate of authentication. You will not regret choosing us as at Barcode Solutions as your barcode supplier.