Using meme effectively for social media marketing

Wondered about the meme that is going viral all around the internet. Of course, among all the evolving products which are fast-changing, the internet is one among them. For laymen, it’s like a baffling and nonsensical, but for the social media expats, these are very popular to gain traction. Moreover, for a Hieroglyphic, who uses the character as a pictorial representation, you have to be fluent in speaking and understand the terms associated with it. Moreover, from cat videos to singing babies, memes are fun and entertaining. They are a means to share your cultural and brand ideas with others in the community.

What is a meme?

The meme is an idealistic way to communicate about your brand or product in a fun and humorous manner. It can be either through pictures, symbols, or text. These are the key components of every meme which are primarily used everywhere. As they go viral in a short duration, they are useful from marketing perspectives. Moreover, they resonate with your audience and gain momentum quickly and succinctly. Besides, if you are a person who doesn’t understand memes they are here for a few years. It can be either a bucket challenge or a keep calm mug. These memes are everywhere around you.

Generally speaking, you can convey a lot of information to your audience by using these simple memes. Just like an emoji which communicate your moods or emotions, a meme can share complex ideas quickly.

To summarize, the meme is everything that you copy from someone else and create yours by making sense. This is the word derived from the Greek language “Mimema” literally means that which is copied or imitated. Hence the prime for a better meme is it passes down to every individual often by creating a replica.

Types of memes

Early internet meme:

Before the advent and usage of social media, memes are shared through blogs, emails and forums. The dancing baby is the first meme became so popular in the era of the 1990s. Then came the hampster dance, a webpage created like a competition between two sisters. These are the memes which generated much traffic among the youngsters of that age. Memes grow over time, for instance, the LoLcats are still popular among youngsters evolved during internet standards.

Rage comics:

These are mostly created by using a library of already created cartoon faces and expresses a particular emotion. Generally, they are made to create a humanize personal experience. They use facial expressions that are easily understood and identified. Examples include cereal guy, forever alone, troll face, like a boss etc.

Image macros:

These are the most recognizable meme. These are the images that are created with a catchphrase or a witty caption. Most of the meme generator blogs use bold and white impact mostly with a black border. LOLcats are the first notable image macros memes which are expressive cats written with a text. Advice animals and stock-characters are other forms of image macros.

Trending memes:

These are the most common memes used for few weeks and months. They are oblivious and ubiquitous and disappears. Nobody takes its name afterwards. They’re often used in current events, popular culture and trends and news.


These come in various forms and includes multi-pane and single-pane comics. In fact, the central idea behind this is to create a template that is easy to alter with new ideas. Four-pane comics are an example of these popular exploitable image format.


These memes aren’t visual and captivating like any other. These are generally represented in a text format and shared across different platforms. It’s mostly used in various forum discussions and as comment threads in different social media platforms.

How to make memes for your brands use

Okay, now you know the term meme signifies and its types. Let’s dig further and know about creating one.

Hire a graphic designer

Though hiring a graphic designer is a little expensive, you can build your own meme with utmost flexibility and control. These graphic designers charge as per hour depending on the editing task you ask for. It is, of course, a great way to create a meme. Even though, you hire a graphic designer you have to appear to be doctored or manipulated. This image will thus have maximum shares, likes and laughs.

Use a website or meme creator

Are you just starting a company, and hiring a graphic designer seems to be a little costly? Then the solution is going for a meme creator website. It is also referred to as meme maker sites. Most of these sites offer different images with alterations to the new message to be embedded. Some of these sites allow you to upload the images and include in a meme aswell. But see about the copyrights issue while using these services. This is in regards to the memes used for business purpose. As it requires you to be extra cautious about the infringements risks. Below are some of the popular websites to create a meme

imgflip Meme Generator
Meme Center


Memes have become very coll development feature that has evolved in the recent past. They have grown in demand and can be used for any purpose. They are few exceptionals to these users. But for social media users, these are effective and every marketer can use this as their marketing strategies. They convey your messages in a more fun and hilarious way. Many companies have started using to gain traction to their website. Try memes and promote your businesses successfully.