Top 10 Things To Include on a Rockstar Startup Resume

As you apply for a job, you should present a resume. Despite having good work experience, the resume will determine whether or not you qualify for the interview.

Below are some of the things that will help you come up with the perfect resume:

1. The Resume Should be Tailored to the New Job

Some people usually send the same resume to each employer. It is advisable to tailor the resume to each job application.

Conduct some research about the company and carefully read through the job description. Learn more about what the company is looking for and ensure that you have highlighted all the qualifications in your resume.

2. Ensure There Is a Summary of Your Skills

While building a resume, you should ensure there is a summary of your skills. Focus on the job description as you talk about the areas you are proficient in.

3. Your Work Experience and Professional History

The resume acts as a marketing tool. You will secure the job, depending on how appealing it is. As you compose the resume, put yourself in the shoes of the recruiter. Ask yourself about the value that you bring to the company. You can also check out Search Remotely if you are looking for a remote job.

4. Ensure there is an Objective Statement

An objective statement comes in handy since it focuses more on what you are looking for. Nonetheless, the main focus should be on what the recruiter is looking for. The statement should be impactful for it to make a major difference in your resume.

5. Include Your Accomplishments

In your resume, talk about your accomplishments instead of responsibilities. Think of the measurable achievements that you had while working at a particular firm. Your past performance can help to gauge your future performance.

6. The Resume Should be Limited to One Page

The length of the resume matters. Communicate everything on one page. In some instances, you may be forced to exceed one page; nonetheless, ensure that you have focused on the most important aspects in this case.

7. The Design Should be Sleek

To impress the individual responsible for recruiting, ensure the resume is well designed. You can get rid of some of the irrelevant experiences to improve the readability. Also, you should use a simple font.

8. Use of Major Keywords

The recruiter will be on the lookout for certain keywords. A computer program can also be used to conduct such a review. The keywords should match the job description. Without the keywords, your chances of getting the job are low.

9. Your Work Experience

Before talking about your education, you should start by talking about your work experience. The recruiter will not focus on your education. The work experience matters since it helps the recruiter gauge whether you possess the necessary skills and professional experience.

If age discrimination is an issue, you will not necessarily have to include the year you graduated. Nonetheless, you should provide evidence that your degree is relevant.

10. Your Experiences Should Be Listed Chronologically

While you write down your work experiences, ensure everything is listed in a chronological manner. The recruiter should be in a position to view the progression of your career. If there is an employment gap, you should write down an explanation for that. For instance, the company may have closed down because of a particular reason.


You might be the best candidate for the advertised rockstar position. However, you need a perfectly written resume to make your candidature stand out. Remember that recruiters do meet hundreds of people seeking for the similar post. Therefore, if you want to win their attention, you need to consider including the above-mentioned factors.