TOP 10 Mobile Phones for Gaming

Video gaming has come a long way since its inception in the 1950s. Everyone must have played some sort of video game while growing up. Whether it is a coin-operated machine, handheld joystick or virtuality gaming a good video gaming experience is always a delight. Video games which started as simple interactive two-dimensional forms of gaming have grown into an industry on its own and it has been ascending greater heights since then. 

Today video gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry across the globe that makes more revenue compared to movies and music. With the dawn of the digital era, gaming is easier than ever before. The launch of portable PC games like PUBG and CALL OF DUTY has opened a new gateway for gaming enthusiasts to access advanced gaming experience on their mobile phones. 

Noticing the revolution of mobile gaming, smartphone companies initiated the production of mobile phones that can withstand uninterrupted hardcore gaming for hours on end. A big screen, large RAM, high-resolution display and a nice operating system are some of the essential features required in a video game-centric mobile. Here is a compilation of some of the best smartphones that support high-resolution gaming.


Topping the list is ASUS ROG phone II which is specially designed for gaming. ASUS has already released ASUS ROG laptops that are designed for high-quality PC gaming and it has done a remarkable job in its new venture into gaming mobiles. With its RAM ranging from 8GB to 12GB ASUS ROG II is an absolute blessing for the gamers. It has an excellent storage capacity of 512GB. The six-inch display of the phone is powered by a 4000mAh battery. This gaming smartphone consists of a special feature named “x mode” which shuts down all the background applications so that all of its hardware is focuses on running games with full efficiency. It is equipped with air triggers that improve the gaming experience vastly.

2.RAZER  Phone 2

RAZER Phone 2 is the second edition in the RAZER Phone series. The RAZER Phone 2 which was released as a follow-up to the RAZER Phone is more impressive than its predecessor. It has a moderate display of 5.7 inches with a resolution of 1440×2560 pixels. It consists of a snapdragon 845 processor and 4000mAh battery that powers it. It has 8GB RAM and 64GB internal memory along with an extendable memory card slot up to 1TB. It has a loud set of speakers and an internal cooling system to assure there is no overheating when you are playing games for a long period.

3.One Plus 7 Pro

Though one plus 7 Pro is not being promoted as a phone for gaming, it has all the essential features that a great gaming mobile requires. It’s massive 6.67 offers stunning visuals while gaming in landscape mode. It has a RAM ranging from 6 to 12GB with an internal storage space of 256GB. Its Fnatic mode blocks all the apps which in turn allows the gamers to use the device at its full potential.

4.iPhone 11 Pro MAX

With new models of iPhones releasing almost every year it is hard to choose between them. While iPhone XR makes it a good gaming mobile, iPhone 11 Pro MAX is far better. The most impressive feature of this mobile is its incredible performance even though it consists of  4GB RAM. Its new pair of speakers and high graphics make it a formidable gaming mobile.

5.XIAOMI Black Shark 2

XIAOMI Black Shark 2 is the successor of its previous iteration Black Shark. Instead of just being a sequel to the first edition it actually has more to offer. Its large 6.3-inch screen, snapdragon855 processor and 4000mAh are some of its best features. This device with 6GB RAM which runs on Android 9.0 OS has a refresh rate of only 60Hz but offers great HD resolution. Above all this phone is easy to afford if you don’t have the budget to buy a fancy gaming mobile.

6. SAMSUNG Galaxy S10 Plus 

SAMSUNG GALAXY S10 Plus is one of the best gaming mobiles that are available in the market. SAMSUNG GALAXY S10 Plus is the biggest and fastest phone in Galaxy series that is fully packed with features. It has a 6.4-inch screen which offers a resolution of 1440×3040 pixels. This phone is water-resistant and has a battery capacity of 4100mAh. The device comes with an Exynos 9820 processor and 12Gb RAM. Its most impressive feature is its storage capacity of 1TB which makes it the costliest phone of its kind.


If you are looking for a gaming phone with a large battery and high resolution then HUAWEI MATE 20 PRO is for you. HUAWEI MATE 20 PRO is a powerful mobile geared with Kirin 980 processor along with 8GB RAM. Its ability to smoothly run any type of game is what sets it apart from others. It comes with a huge battery of 4200mAh and 256 GB storage capacity ensures that gamers have a good time while playing.

8.NUBIA Red Magic

NUBIA Red Magic is one of the few phones that is mainly designed for gaming. It has got a massive battery of 5000mAh that lets you enjoy gaming for a very long time. NUBIA Red Magic has an enormous 6.6-inch screen. It has an actual fan inside it to ensure that the CPU does not get overheated. You can also customize this with extra accessories to improve the gaming experience. Apart from these features NUBIA also has a strip of RGB lights that light up during gaming.


HONOR PLAY  is another strong competitor in gaming mobiles. This mobile runs on a Kirin 970 processor and 3750mAh battery which enables it to process all kinds of games. Its 6.3-inch display and 6GB RAM are some of its key features. Even though it cannot match other mobiles featured on the list in terms of performance it is still capable of processing high-end mobile games.

10.NOKIA 6.1

NOKIA 6.1 has got to be the cheapest gaming mobile that is present in the current market. This NOKIA mobile works on Android OS. It has a small 5.5-inch screen with a snapdragon 360 processor. What’s impressive of this phone is, even though contains a small RAM capacity of 3GB, it has strongly built software that delivers high performance. It has a storage capacity varying from 32GB to 64GB which is a good deal considering its price.


With new models of phones releasing every other day we can expect more smartphones that are developed purely for gaming. The future of gaming might rely on mobiles as everyone cannot buy an expensive console. The market for online mobile gaming has is booming like never before so the smartphone companies might get more serious on making their phones compatible with gaming.