Top 10 HR Software Needed For Small And Medium Businesses

One of the toughest (but powerful) responsibilities for the businesses that drain out your fullest energy is the human resource department. Each process including hiring new candidates, onboarding, tracking their performance, and finally processing payrolls is a crucial chore to be done by the HR team. As the HR team is one of the key departments in any organization, both business and human resources affect growth. It is mandatory to watch out every step in the HRM carefully. You might miss contacting the best candidate because of your busy schedule or you might end up paying extra to the employee due to false report of attendance and many more might happen. 

With advanced technology, grow the businesses! There are many HR tools that help you manage all HR tasks like discussed above with the virtual team. To avoid all the problems that take your business go down just because of lacking the expert HR team, you need to know 10 best HR software required for your small or medium business right now.

Let’s dig into them to protect your businesses.


Zenefits is one of the best platforms that complement all your HR tasks and saves you big time. It has all HR tools that make employee onboarding, benefits, payroll, PTO, and performance reviews with stress-free. Add your new employees, track them, review them and compensate with Zenefits from anywhere at any time.

It simplifies great benefits that include comprehensive healthcare plans to commuter benefits. Every task of the HR department becomes fast and easy, you are just a few clicks away to make your medium or small business grow larger. With all these benefits, Zenefits is available at prices starting from $10 per employee.


BambooHr is the leading HR software that takes care of the complete employee cycle. It secures your database, builds beautiful reports which help you track employee records, or hire worthy candidates for your future growth. You also have pre-boarding and onboarding tools, time tracking, benefits tracking tools for you to get your HR works done with ease within the time. The team of BambooHr says “HR software with heart” provides all tools with advanced features and help you hire top talent in the office or on the go. BambooHr mobile app is also available to help you manage all tasks for your business from anywhere in the world. This platform is cost-effective with pricing starting from $6.19 per employee.

Rise People

Personalize your HR tasks, benefits and payroll with Rise People. Save time, build a better workplace, track record of employee performance with the virtual hr team. Also, process payroll and compensation with a modern and easy-to-use HR platform. This has a special feature where employees can self enrol for benefits and get paid. Payroll is one such hectic task that many employers feel. Rise People makes all tasks like tax payments, manual T4s, remittances, ROE (return on equity) hassle-free. It unifies HR + Benefits + Payroll to make them simpler. For queries related to pricing, reach Rise People support team.


Zoho is the most used online HR platform in medium and startup businesses. Employers can manage attendance, timesheets, employee onboarding, complete employee database management, performance management, HR analytics and HR process automation. Zoho does automatic payroll calculation in a few clicks with auto-generation pay slips online with complete a tax breakdown, deduction and allowances. Multiple salary structures are available with different pay slabs for staff, leads, managers, and other associates. Paying the employees, handling PF, PT, ESI, LWF and IT goes perfect with Zoho. It also enables impeccable collaboration by acting as a bridge between employees and payroll staff. Additionally, it is integrated with some of the best apps like Zoho expense, Zoho Projects, Zoho People, Zoho Recruit, Zoho Analytics, Zapier, AdobeSign, and GSuite. It bills $12 per user per month for standard editions, suitable for small businesses. And it costs $35 per employee (which is billed annually) for enterprise editions.


Paycom is best ranked comprehensive HR and payroll software. It has different tools for talent acquisition, talent management, payroll, HR management, time and labour management to track and manage your tasks with efficiency. It also has a mobile app available on Google Play and App stores to access the platform from anywhere at any time. You can get a customizable HR platform based on the industry and the role. There are blogs, webinars, podcasts, press room to update you about the trendy things going on the platform. It charges between $5 to $10 per employee. Free trials are also available.


ADP is a fast, easy and affordable payroll software suitable for small businesses. This software makes payroll effortless. The payroll tool lets you pay using a check, paycard and direct deposit. The software is available as a mobile app or can be accessed from the web from anywhere. You can also get payroll expert support 24/7. ADP charges $10 per employee with additional payroll charges. As a special offer, you can access ADP free for three months when you sign up.


Paychex has all HR tools that take care of employee benefits, time & attendance, payroll, human resources, hiring and onboarding. Get HR online library, compliance expertise, responsive service with Paychex. Benefits include retirement and group health plans. Paychex allows you to access HR online library which is a package of guides for employment issues, salary benchmarking and job description builder. The platform charges $60 per employee with an extra charge of $6.25.


If you are the one looking for full HR services, TriNet serves you the best. It offers you HR consulting expertise to help you handle all HR responsibilities, employee benefits and pick the best candidates from a very competitive market. Handling payroll is one of the toughest tasks to perform. TriNet manages everything for you, works on your payroll and tax codes. Also, it protects your business and builds complex regulations related to employment. Moreover, it lets you access the platform anywhere in real-time with self-service. The pricing to get these amazing features for your business starts from $ 80 per employee.


Netchex is one of the user-friendly HR software to manage payroll and tax, analytics & reporting, human resources, time & attendance, benefits administration and talent management. This is going to be a simple and smart HR platform to get your all HR works done. Over 340k employees are being served to move 6M+ tax dollars daily. The pricing starts from $12 per employee per month. 


Gusto is an all-in-one people platform most suitable for small business. It manages payroll, benefits, team management, time tracking tools, and expert HR. Gusto has basic tools like employer tax calculator, burn rate calculator, salary comparison tool, and new hire checklist to manage payroll processing. The best part of Gusto – there are no additional limited features offered, Gustro only charges $39 per month with an extra $6 per employee.

Grow bigger with the evolving new HR software

If you are a small or medium business and do not have one HR software to run your HRIS (human resources information system) or HRMS (human resources management system), it’s time to pick one. Never let your business stop growing just because you are stuck up with some other important task. Check out the above top 10 HR software which administers your HR tasks quicker and easier.