Tips to Improve Your Writing Skills

There is a saying by Isabel Allende which goes, Write what should not be forgotten. What does this mean? You have to write a blog or any article so that the readers who read your write-up should not forget what you have written. It has to stick to their mind forever. For this all you have to do is practice. Don’t copy others work verbatim but try to develop your own style slowly. Moreover, write with profound feelings and true sentences. 

Ultimately, you need to fill out the blogs with breathing and felling poured out from the heart. For that, you need to work hard and use your own techniques which attracts the reader continuously. Overall collect the readers’ feedback and keep an eye on their perspectives. As they are the best critiques and know well how your writing style is. If you receive any negative feedback don’t worry about that and move on by taking into considerations a few of below tips. 

Don’t get distracted

Did you remember the viral, funny video “Chewbacca Lady”?

You would’ve definitely remembered that your friend might have sent through Facebook. But you need to be little careful while writing. In the middle of your writing don’t see such videos. You might be astonished by such a statement. But this is true. Lossing focus can affect your writing and refocus can be a little difficult after some time. According to researchers, an average adult can focus on something only for 20 minutes. After that, they start losing interest.

But to gain the attention remove all the distracting devices and keep that in a distance. Likewise, this improves the quality of your writing. Put your phone in distance and start writing. Some office provides lockers and doesn’t allow mobiles inside the cabin. However, if you carry them inside, disable all the notifications. When someone who is a chatterbox, ask them to talk slowly or politely tell them to vacate the place. As a matter of fact, you can accomplish many things with it, besides improving the productivity of your writing. 

Think a lot

What do you want before you cook a meal? Let’s say you need vegetables, cooking utensils and more. But without a proper plan can you cook better. The answer will be a definite no. You need to know how many members you need to cook. Who will eat it after cooking? What is their favourite recipe? You create a meal plan and then get all the groceries needed. Without that your effort will go in vain. However, if you are new to cooking try this next time and see. The dish you are going to try will be excellent and sufficient. But what are the ingredient for writing quality content? Just like a tasty dish, even quality content comes out with a proper plan. You need to see your buyer’s journey- 

Understand their needs, wants interests. On the whole of their demographics. 

Is there any problem area which you are addressing, if yes what is the age group. 

However, while writing content it is better to have a clear purpose in mind. It has to inspire your potential audience to take necessary call to action. 

Overall, there should be a clear roadmap as to know where the article is leading to. 

Develop your vocabulary

For a Successful writer having knowledge of the vocabulary is very important. Don’t stuff your articles with unnecessary jargons. There should be a thin line of difference in using vocabulary intelligently and dumping the vocabulary with large and unnecessary vocabulary. Taking an example of cooking again, if the salt you sprinkle on the onion for taste is different from pouring the salt. It tastes very bitter and doesn’t feel like eating. Similarly, if you write an article just don’t pour the vocabulary use it sparingly and wherever needed. Moreover, you might seem to be intelligent and smart but there are big chances of losing the reader. 

However, the vocabulary will vary according to the audience you’re writing for. For instance, the vocabulary used for writing psychological books varies from the fitness articles. The best tactic for this makes your colleagues or friends read it if they understood it’s well and good but if they don’t replace that word or sentence with an easy one. Use metaphors and play with it all around your article. On the whole, hook your readers with properly used cliffhangers. 


The important skill you need to master while writing is the ability to convince the reader. If they are satisfied then your content can reach many. There will be increased viewership to your blogs. Frame a beautiful story with the words you use and have a conversational tone. With the above few tips, you can easily and quickly grab the attention of the readers and grow your businesses. Moreover, readers start recognizing your articles. You will be scaling up in the long run.

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