PowerPoint Business Presentation Templates – Thousands available for FREE

Is PowerPoint  an effective tool when delivering a presentation? Of course YES. Many people believe PowerPoint is one of the effective programs.

PowerPoint is the buzzword in the world. There are more than 30 million people who are designing their presentation every day with PowerPoint. It is one of the easy programs designed by Microsoft. The powerful tool is helping people in delivering an effective presentation. Whether your presentation requires a high-quality visual kick or tools for collaboration, PowerPoint is the best choice for you. Presenting business reports and introducing new business products or services is easy with PowerPoint.

It’s no secret designing an interesting presentation with PowerPoint is simple and easy. Many presenters use default templates and layout during a business presentation. The audience often feels bored looking at default templates, backgrounds and slide designs. A business presenter needs to think out of the box. If you want to impress your audience, FPPT is a good choice.

Let’s dive into the FPPT world!!!

Introduction to FPPT

The term FPPT stands for “Free PowerPoint Templates”. As the name suggests FPPT offers PowerPoint templates for free. Therefore, business presenters can browse attractive templates, slide designs and layouts for their presentations. FPPT is the one-stop solution to improve your business presentations.

FPPT is the popular platform to download high-quality templates within a single click. FPPT was introduced in 2008. It has been more than a decade, the provider is providing excellent features for individual and business purposes.

There are over thousands of templates for personalized graphs and infographics while constantly maintaining the professional touch. No matter whether you would like to host a business seminar or high school seminar, FPPT is the perfect place for you. The FPPT templates, slide designs, layouts and backgrounds are designed by professionals and require a light touch while inserting the content. These templates can heavily be customized according to your requirement. Many presenters prefer hands-on while designing their presentation for uniqueness. Each PowerPoint template and slide designs are compatible with every presentation tool. Become a PowerPoint presentation pro with FPPT.

Benefits of using free templates at FPPT

  • Get immediate access to thousands of templates, themes and slide designs. No sign-up is required to access or download the template.
  • The templates allow presenters to save their time and effort, as compared to designing the slides from scratch.
  • FPPT is the best platform for beginners and experts. As they can find thousands of templates at their convenience for free.
  • Instead of designing every slide, presenters can download the template and customize as per requirement.
  • Templates, slide designs are high-quality.
  • Presenters can ensure compatibility around every version of PowerPoint.
  • FPPT offers templates for various categories such as education, finance, business, fashion and more.
  • Impressing the audience is easy with FPPT powerful and professional slides.
  • Every template and themes are designed by an expert. Therefore, presenters can be pretty confident while downloading the template.
  • FPPT tutorial and tips will enhance the learning skills for beginner and experienced. Presenters can stay up-to-date with the current trends and latest strategies. Implementing these tips will help you while designing your business presentation.
  • Searching for the desired template or theme is easy. Presenters can search using colour, keyword or tags.

PowerPoint templates for free

Running on a tight deadline? It’s time to visit FPPT. Start browsing thousands of free PowerPoint templates and backgrounds ready to download (no registration is required). Sounds fantastic right.  Whether you’re looking for a personal or professional presentation, FPPT provides templates and slide design for various categories such as health, education, finance, marketing, technology and more. Choose the right template that meets your requirements. Without sign-up start downloading your required template within a single click. Presenters can save time and focus on other preparations. Spend your time on creating quality and effective content for your slides. 

Source: Free AI PowerPoint template by FPPT

Create outstanding presentation anywhere at anytime

Business always keeps an eye on compatibility. Great news!!! FPPT is compatible with other popular presentation software. Presenters don’t need to worry about the version of the template. They can open, save and modify the template and slide designs on other platforms. Enjoy convenience and comfort while editing the layout on Keynote, Google Slide and more. After successfully modifying the presentation, you can upload it on Google OneDrive account or cloud. Therefore, presenters can view the presentation anywhere at any time. Also, modify the presentation on various devices – computer, mobile or tablet.

Collaborate with team

Collaboration is a strategic way to work effectively. Collaborating with your team is easier than ever with FPPT. Share the template with your team and stay up-to-date with each other on the go. Involving your team will make your task easier. Team members will share their views and knowledge on the presentation. Keep their views into consideration and modify the presentation for better.

Editor’s pick

A selection of attractive and effective PowerPoint templates for free, including attractive presentation themes and PowerPoint animation templates. These templates are selected by FPPT editors. Scroll down to view the editor’s pick template. Browsing through editor’s pick selection is perfect for the one who is on a tight schedule. Presenters can save their time and effort while looking for recommendation templates. Choose the top-rated template with confidence and finalize your template in no time. Pick the template and customize accordingly and make your editing faster with top-rated templates. Add images, videos, infographics, charts, graphs and more. Download these templates for free of cost.

Search presentation templates by colour, keywords and tags

Colours have a great impact on templates. An amazing colour will add a professional appeal to every slide. Choosing the right colour is vital while designing a business presentation. Flashing the data with the background of your brand colour has a great impact on audiences attention and engagement. At FPPT, presenters can use the colour filter and get the exact colour to get their job done easily. The professionals at FPPT use the latest SEO techniques of tagging into every theme, template and background. Every template is tagged based on the content. Presenters can browse the tags and choose the template to save time. Besides, presenters can use keywords to get relevant templates. Consider, search for “Technology” presentation will provide search results as technology-related templates. Presenters can pick the best template as per their need.

Tutorial and tips

Source: Free Corporate PowerPoint template by FPPT

Learning the latest tips and strategies is the key to become successful. With FPPT, presenters can learn the on-going trends and tricks on how to design an attractive presentation and impress the target audience. The presentation destination offers valuable resources for newbie and professionals. These tips and tutorials are helpful for presenters to improve their slide design, short-cuts, communication skills and learn the latest concepts of technical presentation.


Want to enjoy FPPT benefits? Yes! Visit their website and browse thousands of professionally  designed unique templates, backgrounds and layouts. Pick the best one according to your requirement. All the templates are free at FPPT. Presenters can use these templates for personal or business presentations. Click on the download button. That’s it! The template is downloaded successfully. No matter whether you would like to customize the template on Keynote or Google Slide, FPPT templates are compatible with all the tools. Give a professional touch by adding attractive visuals and high-quality content to design a powerful presentation. With themes and templates picked by editors, presenters can boost their productivity. The editor’s choice themes will save presenters time and effort. Impress your audience by presenting professional and creative design.