Power innovation in your business with online hackathons

This is the age when one needs to keep his skills and knowledge updated. There is no field where one does not find this requirement. If the technology is taken into account one needs to keep on learning new things and experimenting them in different scenarios. Not only the field of technology, this rule applies to every sector, but the technology changes rapidly and hence need of such consistent development is much high in this field. 

It is necessary to constantly innovate in order to stay ahead in the race. This is even more important in the technology sector where people come up with new ideas on a daily basis and try to disrupt the market. If you are not thinking in this direction, you will be left behind. Do you remember some top brands that existed about two decades back. Most of them are nowhere seen in today’s market as they did not innovate and got stuck to their old ideas. Every business needs to innovate regularly in order to retain their position. The moment one does not get updated information and technology, he may get removed from the market or demand is reduced to a serious extent. 

Now the question comes how you innovate and come up with new ideas regularly. The best thing you can do in this situation is to choose a virtual hackathon that will open up new ideas for your business problems. You may also use this to hire the best resources for your team. By selecting the right problems for the hackathon event, you will be able to filter the right candidates suited for your business activities in the long run.

Benefits of conducting online hackathons

There are several benefits of conducting online hackathons. It will help you to power your business in a new direction that will keep you ahead of the competition. Let us analyse a few of them in a detailed manner.

  • Hackathons provide the best platform for engaging with the best campus talent. Your brand will get good visibility in your favorite campuses and you will be able to attract the best resources into your company by conducting such events.
  • Choosing the best talents need not be a difficult task when you have hackathon platforms. You can include the most difficult problems and get innovative solutions from the best coders in the campus. You can choose various programming simulators and other tools to assess the coding skills of the candidates.
  • It is also possible to get innovative ideas from regular crowds who are interested in your concepts. In this way, you will be able to get fresh ideas from the crowd without spending too much time on research and development activities.
  • This is also the best way to keep your workforce engaged in the long duration. Most people get bored with mundane tasks and such challenges keep their minds active and sharp. For this reason, many top companies conduct such events on a regular basis and identify the best talents within their team for future projects. In some cases, employees have worked out complex solutions within a short duration of time during such events.

How professional service providers can help your hiring process?

Professional service providers can help you to conduct such events without any hassles. You need not worry about anything once you get in touch with these professionals. They will analyse your requirement and arrange the best platform suited for conducting the hackathon event. You can easily assess the problem solving ability of the candidate and see how they innovate in times of need. Apart from that, it will also allow you to assess business acumen of the candidates by choosing case study competitions. You can put across a complex case and ask them to provide a suitable solution to the problem. In this way, you will be able to assess their approach to the problem.

By conducting such hackathons, you will be able to get fresh ideas from new people. When you constantly work with the same team for many years, your ideas may become similar and it is necessary to think out of the box and get some fresh ideas in order to innovate in future. For this reason, most companies choose virtual hackathon events on a regular basis.

Crowdsource ideas for organizational problems

Every company deals with one or the other problem that needs to be tackled in the long run to sustain the growth. In this situation, conducting hackathons will help you to discover the hidden solutions for your everyday problems. Identify the critical problem in your business and make it a challenging task for the hackathon event. You can get the best ideas from the crowd without spending too much money and effort in this manner. If you are completely satisfied with the solutions provided by the new team, you can even include them in your team for future projects.

Boost the skills of your team members with hackathon challenges

It is essential to keep your employees engaged on a regular basis with such innovative events. This will help cross team collaboration and they will be able to build team spirit by working together on challenging tasks. You will be able to boost the innovative skills of your team members in this manner. This will also be an opportunity for your team members to work on other projects in your company apart from their regular assigned projects.

How to choose the best hackathon service providers?

When you want to choose the best hackathon service provider, always deal with the best company that has rich experience in this field. They will help you to organize the entire event online in a hassle free manner. Apart from that, reputed companies also have round the clock customer support to handle any queries during the event and after the event. You can also check the question bank offered by the service providers to get a fair idea about the quality of challenges offered in the hackathon events.

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