PostTrack helps to Track any Parcel Easily

In this digital age, many things have become easier than ever before. Thanks to the evolving internet. It not only has answers to countless questions but has made many every-day as well as important things easier. Right from shopping to tracking packages, you can do it all by yourself from the comfort of your couch. The only catch is finding the right partner on the web to make your life easier.

One of the most exciting and overwhelming tasks in online shopping is waiting for the parcel to arrive. No matter, whether people shop online for themselves or their dear ones, most of them feel their parcel as a surprise gift. And some feel anxious about not knowing the status of the parcel. Besides, if you are someone who is a vivid online shopper or a small business owner who orders products in bulk, knowing the status of the parcel is a must to plan further. Don’t you agree? Thankfully, Post Track has come into the picture to shed some light on issues related to tracking the parcels. Confused? Wondering what Post Track is? Well, let’s delve into the topic quickly.

What is Post Track?

Post Track is a universal package tracking and managing system that lets you track your parcel with the help of tracking numbers. It automatically tracks the status of the parcel and notifies you of the accurate location or status of the order. Collaborating with mail services and delivery services across the world, Post Track helps its users with useful and important information about their orders. 

It supports over 370 carriers and is available in 3 languages to make tracking easy for its users. You can download the Post Track mobile app and start tracking orders at your fingertips. The only thing you need to do is note down the tracking number either from your online store or delivery service provider to track your parcel without any hassle. In short, Post Track only needs your tracking number to provide the precise tracking of your parcel and nothing else, no matter international or domestic carrier.

Okay enough said! Let’s discuss why to choose Post Track over other parcel trackers walking through its amazing features.

Features of Post Track

Parcel Tracking

As a lot can go between placing the order and receiving it, Post Track enables you to have your sights on the parcel till you receive it. Once you enter your tracking number, its parcel tracking feature lets you know the precise status of your order. You can see whether your parcel is in transit, picked up, delivered, or failed to deliver through this feature.

Parcel Manager

This is one of the best features that made Post Track stand out among other parcel trackers. With Post Track, not only you can track the status of your order but manage your multiple parcels. This majorly helps people who shop regularly or businesses that deal with bulk orders.

Post Track’s Parcel Manager helps you add up to 40 tracking numbers to track. This way you need not enter the tracking numbers every time you want to track the order. You can simply head to the Parcel Manager and track your parcels. It lets you add up to 40 parcels, delete or move to archive or edit to make the tracking process faster and easier.


As said, Post Track is a universal parcel tracker and is combined with 350 carriers to offer the best tracking service to its customers. It lets you track your parcel by selecting the carrier and then entering the tracking number. You can even enable notifications to learn the status of your parcel at every stage until you receive it.

The innovative parcel tracker shows up the most used carriers for you to select and track your order. Some of the local and international carriers include BPost, Royal Mail, Post11, India Post Tracking, Orange Connex, Wish, and FedEx. Don’t worry if you don’t know your carrier, Post Track can auto-detect the carrier with the given tracking number.

Other Exceptional Features of Post Track

User-Friendly Service

Not only its parcel tracking system is user-friendly and self-learning, but it is also available in 3 languages to help users across different countries with easy tracking. Also, it auto-detects the order status and notifies you via email or push notifications.

Extension & Mobile App

As said, using Post Track is as easy as ABC. The service is available as a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox & Edge. Or you can simply download the app on your Android or iOS smartphone for easy & fast-tracking. Cool, right?

Parcel Archive

Sometimes you may need to access your old parcels for different purposes. This is where Parcel Archive comes in handy. You can move your old parcels from Parcel Manager to Archive and look at them whenever required.

Account Manager

Creating a Post Track account for tracking your parcels is simple. It lets you log in by Facebook or Google. So, you do not need to enter your details every time you want to login.


Now comes the interesting part. Post Track is absolutely free. You can use all its features for free of cost. Tracking and managing up to 40 parcels is not only made faster, and easier but also free.

Bottom Line

So, now that you have seen the review of the universal parcel tracking system, Post Track. While online shopping is gaining huge popularity day by day, so are the parcel tracking services. However, Post Track is uniquely different from other tracking services due to its outstanding features and ease of use. Apart from an easy-to-use interface, parcel tracking, and manager for easy tracking, it also lets its users access old parcels. Also, Post Track auto-detects the carrier, notifies you the accurate status of the order and auto translates the information in the relevant language. As this exceptional tracking service is designed to deliver accurate tracking related information, all you need to do is get your tracking number and start tracking easily.