How to optimize your website for voice search

Do you use Google voice search on your smartphones and laptops? Are you running a business? Do you own a website and making a presence online? Does your website be optimized for voice search? If you’re looking for solutions to all these, then you’re on the right page. 

From the last few decades, everything is changing along with the time. You as a business owner need to speed up your businesses and adapt to the new technologies. In this, the world where internet is ruling and every consumer is knowing their inputs by visiting their favourite website. Software developers are also deploying new technologies over the periods. So, the trending technology at present, voice search. 
You might be wondering what is voice search and what is its importance? 
Let’s get into the details

Voice search

Voice search is a technology developed based on speech recognition. This provides the user to find the information through the search command. Although designed as a software application, this can be used to search the data on smartphones and any web-based applications. Most commonly referred to as Voice-enabled search. 

Initially, it is named as “voice action” and used only on Android phones. Most commonly used for 

  • Application launch
  • To search content either Audio/Vidio 
  • Option selection
  • Directory assistance
  • Sports or stocks score accessibility
  • Handsfree voice dialling

Voice search products generally include Google voice search and iPhone Vlingo.

How to optimize voice search for your website and effectively earn traffic

When users trying to give a voice command, they are in the hope of receiving a complete action. FOr instance, if you have requested for your favourite song. It will complete the process within seconds and play it back to you. If you have told to dial the number which is there in the contact list, then it helps you in dialling them. But despite these two intentions, Google uses many metrics to rank the sites. Below are a few of them. 

Ensure you gain the website speed

Do you know the traditional SEO tactics? Unlike those voice search offer websites that load quickly. Make sure that your website 
Is responsive and works well with all the devices
Files are compressed
Images are optimized
Utilizes cache and improves page speed
Reduces the server’s response time 
Any other tasks which speed up the traditional website

Write naturally

How do you search the information on the desktop while typing? You use Bullet points right. For instance, if you want to know the top content writers, then you’ll type “Top content writing services” into Google. But by using Voce search, you might say, “Who are the top content writers in Virginia”. 

To make sure, your content is optimized then include all the long-tail keywords that sound more natural and opposed the short, snappier keywords. Put the phrases simple and short which is easily understandable by the 5th-grade student. Even if the information you write is high-level, break it down to the easy chunks so that anyone can comprehend it what you’re saying. 
If you use short phrases, long-form content is still valid and Google ranks the website better on traditional search listings and voice search. Moreover, aim for the content which has the words more than 1800-3000 words.


After knowing a few tips about the optimizing your website to the voice search, it now becomes easy to improve your online presence, brand awareness and revenue. Moreover, while using voice search SEO, it is a little different than the traditional SEO. Though the principles remain the same, a strong understanding of the specific things can make your website optimized. According to statistics, it has been predicted that by 2020, 50% of all the information is via voice. This is not unimaginable, as most of the Americans at present own a smartphone and a smart speaker.  Furthermore, voice assistants like Cortana and Siri are accessible by every person on their mobile devices making it more luring for the internet users.