How to gain attention span in this modern-day workspace

You know that paying attention to the important in the office at it prevents mistakes and makes a successful career. But this is not so easy. This is because your boss and colleagues keep on disturbing. In fact, you’re not alone in this, there are many who either wind up themselves by becoming lethargic or be less productive than others. 

Moreover, millions of adults struggle in focusing and have trouble to complete the task. They lack organizing skills and memory lapses. Although attention deficit is common at present, it can be frustrating. But to further dive below the sea, just answer the questions below

Don’t you get to sleep and awake all night reading a book or watching television
Have trouble in controlling your emotions and impulses
Can you remember the vital information
Lack of organizing skills 
Face difficulties in completing the task
Feel tired so easily and think to take a nap
If you see yourself in all these situations and say yes to most of the points. Then you’re facing attention deficit disorder. This can be because of sleep deprivation also. 

Studies about sleep deprivation

According to studies, employees sleeping more than 10 hours miss 1.6 days of work monthly due to some health repercussions and are less productive. Compared to those who sleep only 8 hours or less at night. This group of employees are2.2 times more productive.  

One more study conducted by FMRI(Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) states that the brain of any individual who sleeps in regular timings displays normal metabolism and the blood flows to different areas of the brain. Contrary, good sleeping habits aids in better thinking, remembering information and making effective decisions. 

Effects of sleep deprivation

Hence, sleep deprivation is one among a myriad of factors that can create havoc on an employee’s attention span. There are two types of health effects due to sleep deprivation 
Physical and 
Physical effects

  • Visual problems
  • Shakiness
  • Headaches
  • Increased appetite and more

Psychological effects

  • Aggression
  • Apathy
  • Irritability
  • Poor concentration
  • Paranoia
  • Sleepiness

To increase the attention span and reduce these health effects than follow below few tips and see the difference

End the multitasking fever

Many believe that multitasking can make them masters and scale up the success ladder more easily. But one thing to remember is that human’s brain isn’t prepared for multitasking. This impairs your cognitive ability and you may end up in underperforming. In fact, 40% of productivity is reduced by doing multitasking. This encourages bad brain habits. 

Constant switching of the tiny tasks hit dopamine, which is a reward nerve in the brain. Your brain loves this dopamine and inspires you to handle several mini-tasks to get that immediate gratification. This can create an adverse consequence and make you feel, you’ve achieved a lot when in real situation there is nothing you have won. Furthermore, it lowers the work efficiency and quality. It can be switching Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn accounts or checking your emails, etc. 

Multitasking lowers work efficiency and work quality. It makes a more daunting task to organize clear thoughts on a topic. For instance, if you’re writing content on a specific topic while listening to music, you’re more focused on the lyrics than the content. At last, the content will end up in mistakes. 


Do you know that exercise is essential in everyone’s daily life? Yes, it is. The evolution of man is from nomadic tribes, who used to move in search of food and shelter for long duration and distances. Human bodies have evolved and designed to be active regularly. It strengthens your mind and body. 

Do some crunches and sit-ups for proper blood flow. In this way, it improves muscle strength and you can stay active for a longer time. They also improve balance and coordination. Increases the oxygen level in the brain and encourages to release brain hormones that control learning and memory. In fact, it maximizes the concentration level and cognitive ability 
Our mind comprises of five main cognitive functions namely
Executive function and 
Visual-spatial skills
It is essential to effective exercise and simulates all these five areas to stay active and sharp our brain while working. Try reading by setting at least 5-10 min of free time. 

A short exercise before focusing on work is necessary. During breaks take a walk in nature at least for 5 minutes or 2 minutes. Sometimes, try pushups, jumping jacks, dancing or burpees if you have a gym in the office. 

Take breaks

To refresh yourself and start focusing, you need to take breaks frequently. If you don’t manage the time and keep on working, you feel exhausted quickly. But this type of working is unsuggestible. Overstressing your brain and working from 9 to 5 without breaks is counter-productive. For productive work, and for paying attention, your mind needs to be well-rested. So take regular breaks. Take a break for every 52 min. 

Many techniques like Pomodoro suggested that taking a short break after every sprint or short bursts makes you regain your strength. Get up from the chair and visit your nearest colleague and spend some time with them. You should also give mental breaks and spare a few minutes in reading your favourite blog. Browse recipes to cook for this weekend. Get back to work again with a refreshed mind and focus. Remember the formula

  • Breaks = happy+productive employees and 
  • No breaks = Dull + sleepy employees

Moreover, according to statistics conducted in a call centre office says that 50% of employees who take regular breaks increased their productivity at work by 33%. Amidst they were capable of dealing with many difficult tasks and queries easily by giving correct information. Knowingly or unknowingly many employees end up working all through the day without taking a single break. Or take very little breaks. This habit actually affects mental and physical health in various ways. 


Paying attention to work has decreased over a period of time. Most psychologists and educators agree that paying attention is the mainstay to achieve one’s goal. If you want to succeed in office, it is mandatory to focus on many things and the ability to concentrate on things is important. Contrary to this, if you keep on working on the computer, then your attention sucks and you can barely concentrate on anything. And at the end of the day, your productivity gets deteriorated. But you have already tasted the sweet pill, i.e, the above tips can help you increase your attention instantly. Along with reading a paper, blog, meditation, follow above few tips and maximize your attention.