How to create an Instagram Account

Do you know there are a lot many things happening on Instagram? No. What you don’t have an Instagram account. A piece of surprising news. If you want to partake in the Instagram culture create an account and have your own for free. Since, 2010, when Instagram first launched it has become an integral part for many digital marketers. Particularly if your target audience is millennials and GenZ, then you have to be on Instagram. In fact, there are over 1 billion active users who post their pictures and share the whereabouts. To know the buyer persona, you need to be on this platform and raise your brand awareness.

How Instagram useful for small businesses

Instagram has become a powerful social media tool for many businesses. Many giant companies like Coca Cola, Levis, Nike, Chobani, and Starbucks dominate the space. Companies who have established their brand names have no problem in getting engagement and results. But the challenging task is for the small businesses itself. There should be no size that determines, which Instagram posts get the major engagement on Instagram. Hence, if you’re not the one who is using Instagram for your businesses, then there is a lot of potential opportunities, which you’re missing out. According to the statistics, it is the most engaging platform after Facebook.

In fact, you can see how your competitors are working and what posts are they making to have a strong engagement. While analyzing your profile, understand and know the strategies they are implementing. Alongside, you can interact with your peer group in the industry. If your company is still taking baby steps, then you can reach your target customers and increase traffic to your webpage. In fact, you can have maximum reach then you’re having now. While scrolling down you see many sponsored ads. What does that mean? That is you can take advantage of Instagram by selling your products by giving many promotional offers.

But for all this, you need to maintain an Instagram Account

Creating an Instagram Account

Setting up an Instagram account can be done within 4 simple steps. First to get it started you need to have either a mobile or a desktop.

iOS (Apple)
Smart tablet or desktop

Signing up to an Instagram

After installing the app from the play store or App store, you’ll be prompted to sign up for a new account. If you have a Facebook account, you can directly register with this. But when signing up, it is best to choose the same business email for all the social media platforms and link those to your emails.

This way, if your potential customers want to get in touch with you, they’ll be able to see the message and get in touch with you. While deciding about the username, then keep all the usernames as close and consistent to your business across all the platforms. This helps in creating a uniform for all your marketing approaches and efforts and provides users with instant recognition of your brand.

Choosing a profile picture

Use the image which is crisp, clear and free from the clutter. Select any of the following formats
Shortened Logo

Write an Instagram bio

Your bio on Instagram should project your brand and aid for your marketing strategies. Besides, the first thing where the user’s eye captures is the bio. Before even scrolling down to the images. Make sure that they add to your brand narrative and tell them who you are and what product line you’re in which help them to solve their problems.

Integrating Instagram with other social media accounts

Hurray! You have set up your account. Next what? First, It’s time to integrate up your Instagram account with other social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter etc. By connecting you can share your images with other platforms too. Moreover, when you’ve managed to set up all the accounts, start driving the traffic to your website and generate leads to your feed.

Ready set go!! Have fun in Instagramming.

To conclude,

One of the prime importance of Instagram is you can generate more traffic to your webpage and drive traffic. Ensure that there is a link given in the bio. This is the only place you can put an active hyperlink to your site. Besides, mentioning hyperlinks and using CTA’s in posts generate traffic to your site. Even use a landing page to your website for the visitors to visit from Instagram. Have fun by signing up for Instagram. Make your audience laugh and get the desired credibility and visibility through an amazing photoshoot.

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