How the internet of things (IoT) can change web development?

Technology is constantly on the path of evolution. It has come a long way over this past decade. With time the needs and demands of business and people are constantly changing. But thanks to the technology those demands are met making people’s life easy. Agree or not technology has revolutionized the world today. Nothing is the same anymore, from shopping online to moving channels with a voice command, technology has made many ideas a reality.

For all those people who thought the Internet of Things is hype. They’re wrong. It has become a reality and you can see its application almost everywhere. Take a minute and look around yourself and you will find the application of IoT around you. From the smartwatch on your hand to the smart tv on which you binge-watch your favourite series are all the components of the Internet of Things

A few years back people have never thought driverless cars would become a reality. But thanks to IoT they have become a reality. Driverless cars are just a small example of this huge concept. IoT is present everywhere silently changing things around you and making your life easier. 

The Internet has changed all aspects of a person’s life. People have become highly dependent on it. It has become a medium of communication between a business and its customers. With internet business can reach its audience across the globe, irrespective of the country. It has become important for businesses to stay updated about all these latest smart technologies.

First things first, what is the Internet of Things? 

What is IoT?

Internet of Things is the worldwide network of interrelated mechanical, 

digital devices and computing devices that have the ability to transfer any data without human or computer interaction. These devices are provided with unique identifiers (UID’s) that make the data transfer possible. Businesses across the globe are using IoT in various industries to operate more efficiently and understand their audience better, improve customer service, decision making and most importantly increase the value of your business. 

IoT impact on Web development

Websites have become highly important for a business, be it small or large. If you have a business but don’t have a website, then you’re missing out of a lot of great opportunities. Website is the face of your business. Studies show that the website is far more effective and has a wider reach compared to any other forms of advertising. It is not only the face of your business but it also works as the centre of your organisation’s online presence too. 

From the website to social media networks, it is important for your business to have an online presence. Having an online presence is important for business as they improve the visibility of your business and provide you with an opportunity to interact with your audience. All these platforms will help you in understanding your audience better and enhance the customer experience. 

The best thing about the internet is, it gives your business the exposure it needs irrespective of its size. And one of the most important factors that support the argument is changing customer behaviour. Times have changed, so are people. The purchasing patterns and interests of the buyers have undergone a considerable change over the decade. Rise of e-commerce platforms and substitutes have an impact on customers purchasing decisions. Customers are researching the organisation before taking a decision and the first place to conduct the research is the search engine. They search for all the information related to your company. Imagine the number of customers you would be losing, just because your business doesn’t have a website. 

Thanks to IoT’s advancement companies are able to use sensors and wireless technologies that are helping them in serving their audience better. It is not an exaggeration to say that any person who has used smartphone must have experienced IoT at least once. Companies are using it to deliver the best services for their customers, whereas customers are using the IoT products to avail products & services that are customized and personalised just for them. One can say that most of the new technologies are advancing with the internet of things, so it is important for web developers to knowledgeable with it. 

Here are a few ways on how IoT impacts web development

User Interface

User interfaces help users to interact with the IoT system. The best thing about the UI is that it collects a huge volume of data whilst helping manage an entire network. IoT system collects a huge volume of different kinds of data, so it has to display a lot of infographics and analytics. The common solution for this is streamlined user dashboards. IoT network control calls for a dynamic user interface. Dynamic User Interface suit these complex IoT application perfectly as they allow generating pages or portlets dynamically. This is particularly helpful while dealing with multi-tasking.


Security has always been one of the major concerns in web development. And it is far more crucial in loT. Be it businesses are customers they take security seriously as any outside intervention can lead to data theft. The business has important data stored, so they must extra careful. Primary vulnerability in an IoT system lies in web development, not in the hardware. So web developers should put an emphasis an focus on the security of the system. The developers should make sure that all the communications and data within the network should be secured with encryption. This way they can advance security and avoid any third-party intervention. 

Huge volumes of data

Internet of Things collects huge volumes of data. And the best part is that they collect real-time data from sensors. IoT filter, processes and transmit those data to-and-from the cloud. Imagine the delay in the network which processing such huge data. Losing any bit of data is not acceptable. This is where IoT web development differs from ordinary web development. IoT focuses more on the system’s reliability and scalability compared to ordinary web development.


IoT has bought many positive changes across various industries and fields. If implemented it has the capacity to bring changes in web development too. IoT is everywhere, so why not use it to improve web development. Build an efficient team and work closely with your customers, understand their needs and improve their satisfaction.