Getting Smart With B2B Lead Gen: Strategies for 2019

Is your business doing as well as you wish it was? If you’re like most B2B businesses, you need a lot more leads. You don’t just want any prospect, either – you want someone who is qualified and interested in buying your product or service.

As the marketing landscape changes, it can be hard to keep up with the lead generation strategies that are working currently. We have you covered – here’s what you need to know to keep those qualified leads flowing in 2019!


Immediate Follow-Up

This might not sound like a lead generation strategy, but hear us out. One of the biggest differences you can make in your marketing funnel is to stop losing the leads you already have.

Having leaks in your funnel costs B2B businesses tens of thousands of dollars a year in lost revenue. Fortunately, it can be an easy fix by decreasing the amount of time it takes you to follow up — and don’t drop anyone.

Harvard Business Review found that 37% of companies respond to leads within an hour, but 24% take more than 24 hours – and a whopping 23% don’t respond at all. Maybe what you need isn’t more leads, but more effective handling of the leads you have!

The most effective way to make this adjustment is through marketing automation with an excellent email service provider. With automation you can send a personalized email response within minutes of getting an inquiry, and you’ll never miss a lead.


Use Content Marketing

Content marketing is the use of high-quality content (from blog posts to infographics to video) to draw customers into your brand. You can build the important “know, like, and trust factors” through these mediums, and then bring the prospect to conversion.

One reason that content marketing is such a great lead generation tool is that you can track exactly what the reader is responding to. Did they download your list of 10 tools, or were they interested in your guide to winning over the C-suite?

This data can help you focus your marketing and give targeted offers that are more likely to convert.

Another reason content marketing is so effective has to do with the rise of video as a marketing channel. Video allows you to have an incredible in-person style of connection without having to be in person. In the U.S., 85% of internet users watch online video. It’s a great way to share your message and invite further engagement.


Be Different: Use Print Marketing

If you think print marketing doesn’t matter in the digital age, you might want to think again. Even Google uses postcard marketing as a B2B strategy.

The reality is that there’s a lot less competition in the mailbox than ever before, while channels like email and social media are increasingly crowded. Consumers – including the business owners you want to reach – are bombarded with online offers and ads.

Why not be different and use print marketing to differentiate yourself? After all, 79% of consumers will act on direct mail right away, and 74% of us still look forward to seeing what’s in our mailbox.

If it’s good for Google’s B2B strategy, it’s definitely excellent for yours.


Don’t Overlook SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a long-term strategy that can give you a huge boost in terms of leads landing on your website. With the right website design, this can lead to qualified leads going directly to your pipeline.

Everyone knows that Google’s first page is the place to be, since very few searchers will click on results on pages two through infinity. However, it can be a moving target to maintain those rankings. Instead of trying to game the system, simply focus on what Google states its primary goal is: “To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

If your website has information that’s accessible and useful, you’re off to a great start. From there, using the right keywords, having a great site structure, and other digital marketing aspects become important.

If this sounds overwhelming, you’re not alone. After all, you have a business to run! Instead of taking the time to figure out SEO on your own or building a new department into your marketing team, work the pros. A company like Local SEO Search can be a great partner as you boost your leads this year.


Leads are the Life of Your Business

When it comes to succeeding in business, the bottom line is always the bottom line. That is, you always need more revenue, and that comes from more customers. The only way to convert those customers is to get enough qualified leads.

When you follow up on every lead, you’ll do better immediately – even without an increase in your pipeline. You can’t afford to lose prospects! From there, build that pipeline with content marketing, print marketing, and SEO.

Work with a professional marketing firm is the first step. Let’s work together to boost your leads in 2019.