Dos and Don’ts for Business IT in 2020

Do a quick Google search about business tips and you’ll be inundated with advice from all types of experts. How do you know where to begin to become the preferred supplier or service provider in Perth in your niche?

Stop for a moment and breathe. The truth is that you’ll never do everything perfect in business. Even the most successful businesses have had disasters. Simply think of Pepsi’s advertising failure in 2017 and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 that literally exploded consumers’ homes. 

Of course, maintaining the status quo isn’t ideal because there are always business aspects you can improve on. But instead of trying to do everything at once, make small adjustments that can have a big impact. And simply knowing what NOT to do can make a huge difference.

Now, let’s help you make those adjustments in one of the most important departments of any business in the modern market: IT.

Do: Place the Customer First ALWAYS

One can get so beguiled with new technology and the sales jargon that tells you how it will improve your business. You may forget to check whether it will really help YOUR company and more specifically, your customers.

Yes, tech gadgets, software and IT solutions can help you operate faster & more effectively. But if it becomes a barrier between you and your audience, you may lose some of them.

Here’s an example: a new chatbot may help you field customer queries, but make sure they sound authentic and that you have people integrated into the process. Some customers will always prioritise personal approaches above efficiency.

Don’t: Think Word of Mouth Doesn’t Matter Anymore

Using technology to streamline your online marketing—social media accounts and websites—is essential. And of course you need to invest in managed IT services vendors provide to ensure your communication systems such as emails are always in working order. But don’t think that those are the only advertising mediums you need.

People listen to other people, rather than marketing slogans. So, make sure you impress your clients enough that they’ll tell their friends about you or write a positive online review.

You should also be smart and optimise word of mouth marketing by making it easy for consumers to share your details: create online content that’s easy to forward by email or on a social media page. Make it interesting and relevant to your audience, so customers will share without even being prompted.

Do: Prioritise Mobile Friendliness

Increase your chances of getting noticed and don’t run the risk of losing a sale just because your website isn’t up to the 2020 standard yet.

Mobile devices are becoming the preferred method for online browsing and shopping, so simply having a website is not enough these days: you MUST ensure it’s mobile responsive to a range of devices ranging from SmartPhones to tablets.

Firstly, you want to make it easy for consumers to clearly view all your content. But you also need to keep search engines’ crawlers impressed. They won’t feature you on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) if your website isn’t mobile friendly.

Don’t: Ignore the Cloud

It can be daunting for any business owner to change a policy you deem effective at the moment. But if you’re still storing information on paper or even a local server in your office, it’s time to revise your methods.

Using the cloud for saving your data carries or a voip cloud service offer many benefits that you shouldn’t miss out on any longer:

  • Many deem the cloud more secure than local servers, thanks to expertly designed encryption methods.
  • You’ll empower your team to work faster because they can have access to information from almost anywhere, even using mobile devices. Work can get done faster, because employees can carry on working even when they’re stuck at an airport or taking a train ride.
  • If there’s an emergency you can make informed decisions faster, because you have access to all relevant reports. You don’t even have to call a meeting, because all role players can review information from where they are.

Do: Upgrade Your IT Team

You can see that there are exciting developments in the world of IT and this will keep on happening.

For you to keep enjoying the benefits, make sure you create a good IT team now—whether you get new employees or outsource to managed IT services Perth experts can offer. It’s a long-term investment to make sure you stay one step ahead of the competition for years to come.

Last Words

Start by placing these items on your to do list and see how it transforms your productivity, clientele & bottom line. Small steps in the right directions will get you that success you’re after.