Digital marketing trends in 2020

You are heading towards 2020 and as the years pass by, digital marketing becomes more complex and competitive for marketers. Many companies are looking for big changes to happen in this sphere. Moreover, most marketers are targeting 2020 to hit the market on a big scale. In like manner, many digital users also craving for its outcome. The marketing industry is proceeding like a jet speed along with the blockchain industry.

It is dynamic and meets every expectation and desires of the consumers. Constant customer attention and high traction with conversions depend on the advertising move. By 2020, digital space acquires all the new look and behaviour of users on the network that has changed remarkably.

As a matter of fact, up to 30 years, people are devoting their entire time on smartphones rather than TV. Nowadays, radio is not at all considering as a source of advertisement. In the coming years, TV is also losing its relevance as digital marketing is mainly aiming at 

  • Mobile and smartphone applications
  • Social networks
  • Internet services
  • Video

As seen the quality of advertising in regards to TV and print media is drastically declined. Moreover, initially, the advertising is simply meant to switch the channels respectively and efficiency drops. 

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the fastest-growing segments in today’s world. Furthermore, consumers are shifting their focus towards digital marketing these days. This is what bestows to the new trends and high dynamism.

To put it simply, digital marketing refers to advertising products or services through digital channels like 
Social media
UX design 
Guest posting
Search Engine
Press release
Web applications
Thus, it covers a huge range of business marketing activities. Henceforth digital marketing has perfectly fit in the online and offline service mediums. 

Voice search

Did you ever hear someone or you giving Google prompts? Yes, Voice inputs have taken a front seat and occupying the major share in digital marketing. Very often voice input which is AI-enabled has become more convenient and practical to use. It is more comprehensible and responds instantly when the requests appeared. In this world, voice search has reached another level.

Applications are becoming relevant and gaining prominence with the speech recognition and unclear voice of the child. It is a belief that in 2020 at least half of the requests are made through voice search itself. For instance, if you want to eat anything delicious then the text is just enough but now voice requests have taken place and you can just say “Hello Google- Where to eat something delicious”? Google will respond to it accordingly. 


Software developers and web designers are solving their problems to make their services easy. Nevertheless, users constantly pose new challenges and ask their queries. So to solve their problems, chatbots have evolved. They are easy to program, personalize and used for various purposes. 

  • Provides quick answers
  • Offer additional content 
  • Resolves issues and complaints
  • Assist in requesting and registering 

About 70% of sites already have chatbots and of high quality. Moreover, they respond quickly and give appropriate answers to the questions. Improving chatbots increases the conversion rates and makes it easier to work with most services. 

Interactive content

Most of the content writers understand the value of interactive content. As creating and posting content educates and entertains the potential audience. Because of this approach, the engagement gets maximized. Interactive content promotes better communication between the content creator and the audience. They generally give the users more value and inclined to exchange their emails for the experience and share the content on social media platforms. Even photos are published and liked twice as much as the texts are posted. Moreover, videos are shared 10X more than the text-only status updates. This increases the engagement rate and captures the attention of the audience with relevant information. 


Digital marketing became so popular as the businesses identified the need of their customers and distribute their services and goods effectively. It is growing at a fast pace and gained popularity in less time. All businesses, large and medium are creating their presence online and promoting their products and services through numerous social media platforms. Digital marketing services continue their presence and with greater force through digital channels like websites, search engines, social media tools, emails, mobile applications, SMS marketing etc. The trend goes too far with the mobile users being active.