Coworking space culture its Pros and Cons


Are you searching for a healthy and interesting atmosphere to work? Have you ever been to a coworking space? Then hold on a second!!! Here is the complete information about how a coworking space is defining the working culture, and you will also know about how it is trending now.

Here you go… 

What is coworking space culture?

Coworking can be defined as “Membership-based workspaces” where several groups of freelancers and individual remote operators work together in a shared community. The concept of coworking space was introduced in San Francisco in the year 2005 and it has spread into 75 working spaces around the world in 2007, but after a decade it has spread widely and the number had risen to 14,000 in 2017. Coworking space culture has become a trending working culture. People who haven’t visited such places, it would be hard to adjust at the beginning, but sure you will love working here.

In this article, you will notice that how coworking space is shaping the entrepreneurial culture and their contribution towards community and diversity in entrepreneurship.  A popular coworking space like (TSV) Toyen Startup Village, which is located in Oslo that has strong networking with different types of communities and industries. It encourages entrepreneurs and start-ups across many sectors like businesses, academics, and communities. It’s a part of broader systems to restore the less income community of Tøyen.

Role of Coworking  space culture

As per the researcher’s analysis, it reveals that coworking spaces are playing a vital role in changing the traditional working culture in popular city like Oslo. These coworking culture has framed the business classifications by breaking the traditional system. They have adapted to the new working system by decreasing the doorway of networking partners across business sectors. It values the community, broad-mindedness, collaboration, stability over commitments and strengthening communities of coworking spaces. Moreover, they do facilitate and cooperate with very limited companies to work. Most of the coworking spaces are occupied with the startup companies made partnership to work under the same roof.

Here are the few following advantages and disadvantages of coworking space culture. 

Advantages of Coworking space

Easily Affordable 

Owning a company or getting it for a lease may become highly expensive while running a company. Here renting a coworking space is cost-effective. It is more affordable and highly beneficial in saving money. Keeping it simple, you can pay half or 1/3rd of rent for the space you want to rent. If you want to run a business with a lower price, this would be a better option for you to invest less and get more benefits from a coworking space until you start your own company in a permanent location.  


For any standard of business, every company requires minimum amenities like Printer, xerox machines, Internet, lights, conference hall, and pantries. Based on your business requirements you can share the amenities instead of buying them, it saves time and money and meanwhile, your work will be finished on time. Every coworking space will have these minimum amenities to make the members feel comfortable including coffee and refreshments. If you have a business and offering the facilities to the floor employees, it can create crucial values in the working environment and runs the company successfully.

A Sense of community

People prefer to work from home and also like this setup because it is comfortable to relax and work. Working in coworking spaces will be as comfortable as you work from home. Here you can share ideas and get support from fellow members in business ventures. To grow your business it is important to know the people around you and their working strategies will inspire you in developing your business. People often do networking through events and gatherings so that people get to know each other and communities they engage with such environments can create an impression in clients.

Disadvantages of Coworking 

Risk  Of Distractions

Compared to traditional working culture, coworking space would be quite messy during the peak hours, you might get distracted with surroundings that may affect your productivity. In this environment, you can’t control the other company’s meetings schedule. The most distracting part will be the people discussing around you, the volume of their conversation in a phone call. Someone at another end of the neighbouring desk playing and listening to music while working, this would be quite a disturbance when you are involved with important work. Here it lacks support from the other company and leads to conflicts. Before joining this fellowship you should be strong enough to control yourself from distractions and prepare yourself to concentrate on your work.


There would be a problem in adjusting before working space, since it is already planned and furnished, so you don’t have a choice to question them for your inconvenience. Sometimes there may be few situations where you don’t get a chance to use the amenities on time, if it is already occupied by the other company employees you could end up waiting to use it. This can create a dilemma and chances of misunderstanding, arguments, and complaints on the companies which are highly dangerous to spoil the reputation of the company.   

Privacy.. forget it

 If you are expecting privacy at your workspace? Then you can forget about it in sharing spaces. It is affordable with well-equipped amenities in the workspace, but you may face difficulties with these restrictions. These conditions could create an impact on your business due to the inconvenience while using the workspace. Moreover, you may have to accept their limitations and directions if you want to have a healthy business atmosphere. Usually, it depends on the space you choose to work, Example: At “We Work” there is an option where an employee can select the desk between a hot desk and a dedicated desk. 


Coworking spaces can be great but they are not suitable for everyone who is working. Here you can work flexibly as the place will be yours. Henceforth while choosing the workspace you should plan your budget, how much you can afford and look after your convenience as well. Before you choose to work with coworking space you should be prepared to accept the terms and conditions of the shared office.