Color by Number Gaming Apps For Your Daily Break

Brighten your day by tapping into your creative side to create a masterpiece. You do not have to have pencils, books, or art skills. All you need is your phone and a stable internet connection. 

With these, download any of the color by number apps mentioned in this article. You now have what it takes to bring your imagination to life. 

Color by Number For Adults 

Despite its title, this is a fantastic coloring app game suitable for gamers in general. It comes with an extensive collection of images in various categories, including mandalas, animals, unicorns, and flowers.

In the images, you will see numbers with corresponding colors. Yours is to paint the picture by the palette’s numbers to create a fabulous image you can share with friends. 


  • Fantastic bright colors 
  • A vast collection of categories 
  • Fast coloring 
  • Application takes up little phone space 

Colorify: Free Coloring Games – Paint Color Book 

Add some color to your day by painting an image or two on the Colorify app – color images of flowers, animals, mandala, and other patterns at no cost at all. The app gives you the liberty to color and recolor the blank pages, whether online or offline. 


  • 100% free 
  • Color both online and offline 
  • Extensive collection of coloring categories 

Happy Paint: Adult Coloring Book & Picasart 

Download this app to bring your artistic dreams into reality and create a personal coloring book. You have an extensive collection of coloring categories and themes at your disposal. 

The rules are straightforward – place the correct color in the corresponding patches, following the provided number guidelines. Once you are done, save a high definition copy of your work for free, and share it on social media. 

Utilize the hint tools to speed up your coloring progress and give your mind a break. Remember, it is just a game, and joy comes first. 


  • Wide range of coloring theme and categories 
  • Save images for free 
  • Coloring pictures updated every day 
  • Hint tools 

Paint Color: Coloring Games & Adult Coloring Book 

Add a little glamour to your Christmas festivities by coloring exquisite Christmas photos and sharing them with friends and family. You have an extensive collection of coloring artworks to choose from before you can paint by number for unmatched fun. 

Yours is to color as per the instructions given to achieve an aesthetic masterpiece, even without any skills. After completing your image, you can review your coloring process by watching a short video. 

Explore the achievement system to get bonus points for more hints and a unique coloring book. The app also adds a little spice to your Halloween festivities. 


  • User-friendly interface 
  • Paintings updated every day 
  • A short video to review your painting process 
  • Download your image and share 
  • Helpful hints 


A daily routine can be exhausting and tedious. It would help if you took a few minutes to break every day to relax and re-energize. Is there a better way to relax than to color endless images on your phone?