10 Tips for Delivering Excellent Customer Service During the Holiday Rush

Customer Service as the name suggests, for any organisation their top priority is customers. Well informed customers are a major add on and they therefore help in building  goodwill of any organisation. Your customers word-of-mouth publicity can improve your business and help you in reaching more audience. There are a variety of customers across the globe, prior understanding of their priorities and building a relationship with them will help reduce some of the major concerns. 

A well informed customer will have faith and trust in the organisation. Transparency is the major concern customers have with any organisation. They want to be well informed beforehand and have an idea about what they are getting into.

Imagine, having a query which is instantly solved without holding up and waiting for a prolonged time? Customers would save their time and patience for the better, which will set a good impact on the receiving side. Such customers tend to be loyal towards the organisation. A comparison about the past year’s performance and the present shall help with an insight whether to continue the same approach or make improvements. During the holidays when people are not in the mood or in a rush they usually ignore or hangup. To get customer’s attention the process should be more rapid. As you know, the more rapid the process the more attentive the customers remains. 

Early resolution makes an impact not only on customers but also on the employees, as they will get motivated from the appreciation they receive from the customers and the organisation.

Here are a few tips that will help you in delivering excellent customer service even during the holiday rush.

 Stressed Customers 

A calm mind, keeps the chaos at bay. An angry customer should be handled by representatives who have patience and endurance. They can respond calmly to the customers. Each conversation is important as we know “one fish can spoil the whole pond”. Similarly one negative review  may affect the goodwill of an organisation.

Quick Response  

The sooner one comes back with a solution, lesser time consumption per call will be achieved.Thereafter they will be giving a positive feedback to the organisation.

Keeping the information handy 

Executives should be well informed about their jobs or clients they are assigned to. A haphazard response might leave the customer confused and they might not esquire further.

Business answering services

Customers will be the happiest when their queries are directed to the concerned associate. There are a variety of customers and each one needs special attention. For example, if a customer has language issues they should have an executive who can cut short the issue. Similarly if you provide options to the customer such as chat service, 24/7 virtual receptionist, call forwarding, studio recorded greeting, telephone redirect, voicemail transcription, it will be helpful to them. Most of their concerns will be easily sorted by using business answering services in a single click .

Information is delivered correctly to the query put forth

Every customer has a variety of queries. The solution for each differs from one customer to another. The customer service provider should recognize the need and query of the customer and provide the right information at the right time. For example, customer asked for an apple and got a mango instead, do you think they would come back to the same place again? Of course no right!!!

Wishing the customers 

Who doesn’t like to be recognized and greeted? Receiving a call on a holiday with greetings from the other end can put a smile on the customer. Even a rigid customer a day before would greet back today if they are greeted with warmth. Customer’s attention can be easily grabbed in such situations and the conversation might take a further leap.

Having access to mail id/ Chat  

Sometimes customers tend to drop the calls if they are in meetings, or business hours or just for the sake of avoiding the call. They might be out of reach. To reach such customers, drop an email without waiting for them to receive regarding any information and updates. They can get a hold over the information as emails are clear and informative, people can read it in their leisure time.   

Updated information 

Each day is new and different from the other. The market changes every now and then. A day to day update should be maintained by the organization and every executive should be updated accordingly. The Customer has the right to receive all the updates and information as they have invested in the organization. They should be the ones to receive the updates as soon as the changes are made. 

One on One 

Every executive should have a defined number of customer base so that they can handle the lot efficiently. Customer requests should have one executive available to respond immediately. Delay leads to disconnection and dissatisfaction. 

Optimal utilization of each call 

Most of the calls are not received by customers. Therefore, each call is important. Every call received is an opportunity. Maximum utilization of the call is done whilst communicating the information in a detailed manner along with pitching new updates and getting feedback. 


Holidays are important to everybody. People crave for holidays, as it provides them with an opportunity to sit back and relax. Getting the attention of customers during the holidays is tough. A most effective way to communicate is to keep it precise and informative within the given time whilst keeping customer satisfaction in mind. Customer services is the most difficult and challenging job to go for. The most important factors to be kept in mind is to deliver the required information rapidly. The delay leads to a loss in the opportunity to cross-sell or pitch. 


Delivering the information keeping all the factors in mind should solve the purpose. Bridging the gap through phone calls with appropriate convincing skills can change the game. Last but not least, customer satisfaction is the key to a successful running organization. Every executive should be allotted shifts. Handling customers without a break will be tiresome, therefore a little break can energize them to perform in a better way.